Mizuno Wave Run 2010 – What a Sunday !

I was saying to myself ‘…with the rate that I am going through (my Saturday and Sunday) I might as well go finish another Ironman right’ now. In action for 12 hours, back to back non stop, and ignoring any qualms from the mind and body, I know I had to utilize some mental energy these 2 days.

Missed a ride on Saturday morning only to be cycling 70km to LCCT with Kabi and.. because of that gotta register (as the LAST participant to register) for Mizuno Wave Run 2010 at UPM. I did not register initially as I didn’t want to do so many races this year. I have done the SAS Tioman Eco Challenge, Hash 46km Challenge, PD Tri, Desaru Tri, Newton Run, 3 MUDS series, Siemens Run, Penang 26km, Energizer Night Run, NB 15K and a couple more.. ad hocs like this I treat as training, and of course an opportunity to support the event (I am a Pacesetters member. are you ? 🙂 ) , and meet my fellow running kakis.

The morning started early after a late night. Drove back from PD after a function, slept around 1.40am.. up by.. 5am ! Actually slept in the batik (my costume for Mizuno Run), just in case terbangun lambat (IN CASE accidentally woke up late) ! Anyways, I thought the run is 10k, only to find out its 11k. No biggie. I was aiming a 1hour and anything below.

From previous races and events held at UPM I know the roads around UPM are hilly. Last year I was at Mizuno but as a supporter to my friend Najwa. This year, missjewelz is able to take part (yippee!). The objective is to have an easy and enjoyable run , in the batik !!, haha.. plus the fact I haven’t ran since my last tri stint in Desaru makes it a better reason to run! I haven’t even touched my bike since but manage to ride a day before the run.

I am keeping this post short, so bear with me.. hahaha.. I crossed the finish line around 57-58mins. A sub 1 hour for my 1st 11k race, and that would mean my 10k is around 52mins. ‘Not bad’ I told myself. ‘Bench mark’ had always been a 56mins for a 10k, and 1hrs 56mins for a 21k and now I can see some improvement in my running, not much, just some. The 2hrs 31mins at the 26km hilly run at Penang a couple months back, and a 1hr 08mins at the recent (also damnn hilly) Newton 12k. I am more motivated now to train smarter and harder !!

A special shout out to DON KHOR, GOH CHOON AUN, SIMON CROSS, RAYMOND NG, EDAN , who supported me as they passed me on the course. Don shouted ‘Ngae is just ahead!’, which i thought was a sweet reaction to the ‘NGAE 1954-2010’ displayed at the back of my running vest. The run is personally dedicated to him.

This year’s Mizuno Run course is different from last year’s , specifically the last 3-4km. And that LAST climb (you know what I mean if you were there at UPM yesterday) was a killa !!! I can prove this with my facial expression captured impressively by our sports photographer, none other than Tey Eng Tiong !! haha.. anyways, finished my training run strong, and was happy with the timing  🙂

To my Kuantan Pacesetters friends, nice to see you guys !!!! 🙂 William, Sharon, Tan Wah Sing, pakcik Mus and Azrul 🙂 will be seeing you guys soon ok ! Nurina, Danial Kalam, Jason Thiang, Yim !, Zaki from Team Ombak (thank you tolong ambilkan Milo untuk aku), mr Chan Wing Kai (another photographer), Michelle and the rest who I met/passed at yesterdays run, nice to see you again ! To the very happy and cheerful few who said hello to me ‘morning MJ, hi missjewelz !’, thank you !! 🙂 It is a humbling and nice to be acknowledged (must be the blog..). Farah Fazu,Najwa, you girls rock ! To Pacesetters, thank you for the great organization (as always). IIU X TEAM, you guys rock !! I guess it was worth it to run to the MC and told them that you guys were there yesterday. Keep on running folks, this is a short but worthwhile living life after all. Make it meaningful.

For videos from Mizuno Wave Run, do drop by my youtube page youtube.com/missjewelz tomorrow ! 🙂

Yours in sports,



p.s. slept for 10 hours malam semalam.. !!!





Courtesy of Yim ! 🙂 He captured this before the run start. TQ Yim


with friends from Pacesetters (Kuantan)


Say HELLO! to my friend Yim Heng Fatt ! Check out his rantings and stories at yimster.blogspot.com !


With Jason Thiang 🙂


With the IIU X TEAM ! Abe, Wandi, Faiz, Nadea(the one resting her chin on her hand), Anis,Zaid, Zamzam, Huzaifah , Adib(looking at his running number), Arif (d1 with the big white smile, holding his medal), Labu (in yellow tshirt), etc, you guys rock lah !! 🙂 Nadea, where's that smile??


Abe, yang paling handsome tuh (wearing the black cap). Missing : Yahya ngan Faiz..MANA you all pergi huh?!!!! Nadea, that's the way !! Keep on smiling !!


With the rest of my friends ! Jason Thiang, Nurina (tryathletes.blogspot.com), Yim (yimster.blogspot.com), michelle looi (michlooi.multiply.com),missjewelz (you're here), frank chong, who just opened the K-Swiss shop (runnerzcircle.blogspot.com and runnerzcircle.com) and Tomatoman Raymond Ng (crazytomatoman.blogspot.com


I didn't forget you kak Suzie..


or your friends !! 🙂 Chan kena food poisoning..poor thing.. get well soon Chan !

16 thoughts on “Mizuno Wave Run 2010 – What a Sunday !

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  1. Hi MJ,
    Saw you on Sunday but you were quite far away. But, it was a blast run you had, congrats. And good luck for Powerman. Hopefully will get to chat with you the next time I see you.

      1. I’ll be doing Genting X-Country, then KPAC Run4It, then PBIM, then CICM… hehehe I’m amateur lari banyak2 unlike you, the pros only do selected events :p

  2. Hey hey Julz, had fun with you and the pics! Doing swell with the timing there. And you changed to a smile just because you saw the camera pointing at you lol

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