Desaru 2010 Race Report Pt 2

Well hello there blog ! I kinda miss having that ‘free’ time to write and update whenever I want. Been busy after Desaru, and by the time to I have the chance to update  this space I am already exhausted  after a long day or busy preparing for dinner, and ‘thinking’ of hitting the road for training/gym. Anyways, if you have been a follower of my blog you might notice that I am a photo freak. Love to take ,edit and share photos. For Desaru triathlon, since it is at the seaside, I didn’t miss the opportunity to get some nice shots. (was targeting the sunrise on Saturday morning), starting from the journey from KL right up to the race day, and post race, haha.. bergambar je. And of course, some friends and supporters were kind enough to get some nice PIA for me (that’s Tey’s short form for ‘picture in action’). Will try not to upload everything here as I have plenty of photos !!



Registration : Locals helping out with the registration process



Adik Fitri who came with me to Desaru took part in the Kids Tri on Sunday. He recently sat for UPSR (Malaysia's public exam for Primary 6).



Eugene Chan conducting a 'Power Balance' test on me. hahah.. tak Power lah !



Powerbar - the official sports nutrition sponsor for Desaru Pengerang International Long Distance Triathlon 2010



Adik Fitri and Fairul - a short run before heading for race briefing



Had to do with the white board. Not exactly sure if the people at the back end of the hall can see the map ! But Mr Chan did a great job describing the course alright. And oh, not to forget his jokes lah ! I am uploading a video recorded during this race briefing. Will share the link here later ok.



Listening to the race briefing. (what a crowd !!)



Baby Alya (CK+Jaja's daughter) with her die hard fans. Bila besar, confirm jadi triathlete ok Alya. !



Awea (Shahrom) kasi aura kat baby Alya. Moga2 1 day jadi top tri/du-athlete :p



The merry people 🙂




missjewelz, el bandito, el fitro and don had



Post race briefing with the guys and gal from Ombak Team



Waiting for the sunrise the next morning. Didn't feel like race morning at all. The night before felt so relaxed, didn't even bother to set up my bike. Just chilled with my friends ! Slept around 11 !



Adik Fitri 🙂







Shah, missJeweLz, Fairul and adik Fitri : i never had so much fun before a race !!




Jabir !



Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of em all !!!



Penang (UPNM) , missjewelz, Jaja , Paán (UPNM)



With Dale from JB ! Orang kuat !



with the JB gang pre race. Thank you so much for the help and support !!!!



Looks familiar.. the transition area before race start. Must have gotten the wisdom from Ezer. Have you seen how he looks like at the start of the bike leg ?? I was parked next to supa fast Chris !



Do I look like I was the only 1 running ? Must be the slow swim !
Do I look like I was the only 1 running ? Must be the slow swim !




On to the 2nd loop. Peace !




So relieved to be out of the water !! did I do that 3.8 last year ?!!



Somebody manage to get this photo of my rear ! haha.. Note that I have my slipper on ! haha...I tested earlier on that it would be very painful to run on the tarmac bare footed. So I purposely 'parked' the slippers somewhere near the end of the blue carpet so that I could easily grab it after the swim. 😛 jauh kot nak lari to the bike !




Adik Fahmi checking out my old Yellow Submarine.. I can't seem to part from it even I have the Blue Pill !



A quick Transition (T1). Terima kasih abang Sahril for this photo ! Not many bikes left as you can see in this photo. It's okay, I have 111km to catch up !!




Bike start - Photo courtesy of OP Stuart




I love pics at the bike start ! Macam2 style ada ! I didn't do a 'fly' start/tie my shoes to the bike this time 🙂




Not many pics on the bike course. Usually Tey Eng Tiong will take lots of cool action pics, but he couldn't make it on Saturday. Thank you to Fitri for this shot !




Run start




Happy to be off the bike !




Taking it easy on the run, smile !!!




aDREnaline on the high




a Personal Best on its way to the finish !




With arms wide open....! Looks exactly like my IM finishing pose. Siap ada shadow tuh.. Thanks Stuart for this pic.





High 5 to Razlan, the commentator.. *dang my deltoid looks like its gonna come out anytime soon..* but not strong lorr...gotta really brush up my swim !






This was the 4th best thing that Saturday #1 that can of chilled COCA COLA handed to me during the run #2 the friends who turned up to support #3 The PB #4 That ice cold Powerbar towel on my head after the race ! *I didn't sit at all after the race..was walking about relaxing my legs and head off the excitement after 6 hours of fun in the sun !*



My ever cute and adorable young supporters 🙂 Fitri and his brother Fahmi



Tak lupa juga abang Sahril ! Thank you for the support and lovely photos !! *macam bunyi acceptance speech je..!*



Adik-adik from UPNM shortly after crossing the finish line 🙂 Congratulations !



One for the album !



A big thank you to Azhar and his support crew !!!! You guys kept me going. Thanks again for fueling me up !! That coke was the bomb !!! and the banana, bread, 100plus , ... my endurance drink. 🙂 *Azhar, looking forward for your comeback !*. These guys stood nearly 8 hours on the run course to support those racing. kudos !!! Note : Wong Ah Thiam (Hafiz Wong) in between Adek Dush and Fitri, he recently completed Ironman Kona. And Abu, spotting his new Japan-san hairstyle. Abu dah slim ! 🙂



Front view 🙂



Lateral view !



Posterior view. haha ! *thanks Hadi for this shot !*




Showing of the reward !



Look who's gonna race the next day ! 😛




Said bye bye to Razlan before I left Desaru !




Jovial pair from Totalfield ! 🙂




Kristof, Yusran, missJeweLz and Awe. all hungry for dinner !



next post : ‘the raya that was!’








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