Newton 25k/12k : Race report part 2

My photo log ! Gotcha.. nothing much to report except that I had a blast of a Sunday on the hills (yumm yumm) and supporting and catching up with my friends post event ! Some photos here in my blog and the rest here at my online album !

With Cecil, Don, Goh post run. They did the 25k ! Both Don and Goh got top placing for their respective categories ! Cecil lookin HOT in those socks ! Cecil 1:49:18 , Don Khor 1:46:56 , Goh 1:48:48

Azlan from Kuantan finishing his run. 2:03:11 for 25k Men Open Category. 21/685.

Puzi at Newton 25k ! 2:03:43 , 6th placing out of 218 in the 25km Jr Veteran category

Barry Lee came in at 2:08:08 . He was the second Malaysian to cross the finish line at Ironman Langkawi this year (10hrs 23mins)

Barry Lee IM finishing photo here

Farid Abd Fatah of UPNM. I heard that the UPNM athletes came in 2 buses ! 60 of em !! Salute ! Farid came in 2:11:54. Congrats !!!
Meet Kausar ! A very supporting and happy finisher ! Thanks for the pose ! This UPNM lad finished at 2:13:43. Congrats and keep it up !
Jamil ran for Laif yang selalu ponteng race dan discount masa training. muahahah.. A 2:33:40 finish ! Congrats dude !

meet my friend Yim Heng Fatt. looking handsome in the BLUE baju Melayu. full suit tuh. My camera was surprised as I was. sorry for the blur pic ! I told him, if the ladies run in their kurungs, sure havoc punya !!
Bahri (left most), myself and Vong Vong Vong. (yes that is his name. senang kan nak sebut. vongvongvong!). Bahri did 12k with me tapi i didnt realize when i dropped him.hahah..Congrats Bahri !!! and I was not kidding when I looked for your name under Men Open !
Lady Power ! My friend Chin Chin ! 2:27:48. 10th placing for 25k Women Open 🙂
Lady Buddies Ms Shihming and Ms Saya Lau ! 🙂 nice to see you ladies !
Syah(2:41:18) and Azmar (2:28:50) post race 🙂
Yang Tit Siah (Kevin and Karen Siah's dad), missjewelz, Jason Thiang, Sook Ying and son, Edwin Thiang. Sook Ying and Edwin did the 12k.
Sharom Abdullah and I post run. He got 1st place for 12k Men Open. Congrats Awe !!! 47:31 !!!
With Paan and his family !
Fr left : Azmar, Allen Lai, Senn Lai, Ayeesha Wendy , Alauddin, Bo and missjewelz
Gambar bonus kena letak last sekali..! Lama dok tunggu Paan. Cramp rupa nya ! His whole family came and support him at Newton ! Paan is also an Ironman Langkawi finisher this year (14:21:31). Was happy to support him during IM ! Anyways, CONGRATS Paan !! and happy belated birthday (wish buat kali ke 5 kot nie..)

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