Newton 25k/12k 2010- Race Report

The plan was to not do this run. I did not register as I planned not to take part in too many road races. And because of that that particular Newton Run week I was in a physically sober mode.. haha..Poor and disastrous (ok, im exaggerating) preparation for Desaru Triathlon, deciding to take part in a race which I did not plan, can be a call for catastrophe. I don’t remember when was the last time I did a long run.. Nak nak lepas puasa and raya.! But… the moment I saw the message from Ronnie See PM1, advertising a 12K number for Newton , I quickly jumped to the opportunity. Apparently the wife of Ronnie’s friend is selling her number. (nice to meet you Nani !).

Fast forward to Sunday morning last week (26/9) there was I at Kinrara ! The plan was an easy one .. haha.. just take it as EASY as possible. Hopeful…AND i didn’t know what the course is like. I wanted to drive the course before race day but tak sempat.

Read on.


LOL ! As I am writing this, I just recalled that I actually did a brick day before Newton run !!! hahaha..takde la sober sangat kan..kah kah kah.. Hadi ,Azmar, Kam and I were in Putrajaya on Saturday morning. 40mins swim and 1 hour bike. To my triathlete/cyclists friends, my guess is that you will be familiar with the Alamanda Hill. For beginners, it might be a bit tough. But for those of you who thinks it is easy, try making a u-turn at the next traffic light after the hill, and climb back. Interesting, and that was what we did last Saturday. It was blazing hot that I skipped the post brick stretch session..! Had rawa tosai instead with my training buddies.

Set up the gears for the race. I pinned a Jalur Gemilang behind my running vest. Attached race number unto the race belt.. then sleep… [one thing about running, you don’t need so many gears !].


I am familiar with Kinrara area as I do my sports massage in that area. Woke up around 4.45am.. a bit too early. Race starts at 7. Planning to support my friends doing the 25K at the start line, so no choice lah. Plus parking would be difficult. So kena datang awal jugak. Downed half a bar (Powerbar Performance Bar) and kept my endurance drink with me before the run.It was nice to see uncle Allen Lai, Nurina, Senn and the rest. They were doing the 12K like me. Arif, and most of the tri gang were running the 25K.

I thought the start line was a bit too dark. I couldn’t see any faces. Anyways, I manage to wish ALL at the start line Good luck, all the best etc. What awaits them, well, they’ll see for themselves. And as forΒ  me, mentally and physically it has been blocked to ‘STICK TO AN EASY PACE’.


I was relieved to see Bahri before the 12K start. Did a warm up run around 20mins before race start followed by a light stretch (remember, never stretch cold muscles). I had my Power Gel with me. Snaked through the start area and found myself at the front of the start line. hahah.. Half surprised to see Shahrom there ! Not too many familiar faces, the rest must have done the 25K. Its ok, I will save me legs for Desaru lah.

So, the mind game begins. Yes, before the start.I will stick to my easy pace and not push/chase after any potential pacers.


The first 3k was a gradual climb.. As usual, started pretty slow but found myself starting to overtake runner towards end of the climb. My legs felt fresh but I need it to survive the whole run. It was after 2.5k (or there about) when the CCS team overtook me. They were pacing each other rather well,and was happy to see Michelle pacing with them (rock on lady !). She looked very strong !

So, it was the longest 3k I have ever ran…(talking about feeling), and the next 3k would be longer because of the rolling hills. I did not have to give up counting how many hills coz I didn’t bother to count them at the first place. haha. The journey is much important than counting the hills lor. On the other side of the road were the 25K runners. INTERESTING to see and cheer the familiar faces. Ezer was flying. So was Arif (glad ur kaki dah OK dude..!). Sofian, Azmar, Cecil and quite a number more ! The sea of runners doing the 25K was endless. It was nice to say Hello to the other side. haha..but then gotta concentrate back on what’s going on this side.. ok..ok..back to my running..

The U turn marked the 6km point for the 12k runners. A bit relieved to make that U Turn. 25K runners had to go straight (and God knows where.. ). Saw TSB passing the U turn. Sekarang dah ada moustache style baru. haha.. Shouted hello to him and I could almost feel that he ‘wished’ he could join the 12k runners to make the U turn. haha.. i shouted ‘go straight !!!’ hihihi…*nakal sunggoh!!* .

The water stations were evenly distributed. Good !


I felt more relaxed after the 6k mark and thought that my pace is getting a bit faster, but still under control.. Knee felt a bit wobbly, but just a bit before it disappeared. Not too many familiar faces throughout the second half of the course though especially the 12k runners. But saw Jiza and Nurina on the other side coming up the hill. Cheered for them ! πŸ™‚ Weather was good, it was not HOT yet.

Towards the 10k mark I was sort of pacing with 3 other guy runners. haha.. I kept to my pace.

10 K

The moment I was waiting for.. to check out how well/poorly did I survive that 10k.. checked my watch at the 10km mark. 58 mins ! haha ! Managed a quick cheeky smile to myself ! *dalam hati, eh not bad..*


The last 2k I went up a gear, then another as I neared to the finish line overtaking 3 lady runners. hahaah.. my time, 1 hour 8 mins..!!Β Β  ‘Not bad for a hilly course’Β  I said to myself.I was so happy that I didn’t even look at the finisher medal. Just took it , went back to me car, chucked it there , changed to slippers and drank a bit.(official result says ‘Haniza Azizan’ got 7th placing !)

Stayed back at the finish line to support fellow runners doing the 12km and 25km. Notable finishers : Sofian, Yim (pakai baju Melayu biru YO !!), Mac, Nurina, Farah !!! , Alauddin, Bo and Rahim, Senn , Simon Cross,Raymond Ng, Jenn Jenn, Keat Seong , Bandit (berapa kali mau cross finish line da..). It was great to see endless UPNM guys coming into the finishing shoot ! I am really proud of these guys lah. Memang universiti contoh ! Universities in Malaysia should encourage their students to participate in these kinda events, and not only get busy during university sports meet, and concentrate on walking the talk.

Anyways, the weather in Kinrara got HOTTER.Β  missjewelz was baked in the sun while waiting for her friends to finish that she decided to get herself a cap from 1 of the booths. Ended up getting a 2XU visor. (Kevin Chan u owe me 5 bucks..!)

Rest of my Sunday

– updated with bib seller (Haniza Azizan) ‘her’ results..

– Dicky’s open house

– got to know somebody DNF (can’t stand heat n hills !). better luck next time kay

– got to know another friend did only 16k but manage to cross finish line twice.. so, 2 finisher tshirts for him..ayya !!! (i have no idea how he did it..)

– got to know another friend balik naik ambulance/car coz tak larat sangat.. (padan muka sapa suruh last minute register/train !)

– Mac got dehyrdrated..! kesian nye..yeah, weather n heat was merciless !

– tidur (sleep)

At the start line. Don't remember what Shahrom was saying ! Busy posing for camera man ! haha..
Photo courtesy of Chan Wing Kai

Truly Malaysia ! Photo courtesy of Chan Wing Kai

Favourite number in da house !!

Will upload more photos later. Mean time drop by ! I was taking photos near the finish line . If you have any of your friends photos there, let them know ok. πŸ™‚ TQ

Next post(s) : 1) Newton pics & new hair cut pics.. (!!) 2) Raya post tergendala lagi. :p


14 thoughts on “Newton 25k/12k 2010- Race Report

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  1. Good job juli! πŸ™‚ Couldn’t recognized you on the road…sorry if i look blur when i said Hie to you because I thought i recognized salah orang… πŸ™‚
    all the best in desaru this weekend!

    1. Ala, jangan la pecah jantung.. hihihi.. so now I know your name lah !! hahah.. next time will say Hello to you ! nice blog by the way. next time try to follow the national flag. hihihi..flag makin kecik ek… mmg kecik pon..!


      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

    1. haha..thanks Jaja ! looking forward to be on the road with you kat Desaru. masa run tolak baby Alya dlm pram. hahah.. if not can main gendong ngan aunty Julie πŸ™‚ itam pon itam la.. tetap manis.hihihi!

      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

  2. Good job Julz! Had fun running in blue hehe but the sun was a real scorcher. Saw you at the finishing as i held my hands coming in. Terperanjat ramai during the route seeing me in full baju melayu suite. Priceless look on their faces haha.

    Godd luck and all the best for Desaru!

    1. heyya Yim ! thanks !! πŸ™‚ nice to see you too. i salute u lah. bukan senang nak run in full suit tuh.cuba yg perempuan run in their kurungs. or kebaya. tak ke havoc !! and yeah,, damn panas arituh !!! hihih..anyways, thanks for the Desaru wish !! **takut..** !! see you around Yim !

      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

    1. Thanks ! πŸ™‚ didn’t notice u n was not sure which 1 was u..!!! Apologies ! Next time shout me name aight ?! πŸ™‚ congrats to you too ! Cool timing !! πŸ™‚

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