Desaru Datang Lagi…!

Desaru is just round the corner, and I am under trained..!! training tak cukup (meaning not enough !), swim yang tak seberapa, pastu pening tak arrange lagi accomodation and transport ke sana. pastu pening lagi coz right after race hari Sabtu (means Saturday in Malay) tuh kena terus balik ke KL..ayyaakk..poning.. I didn’t have this ‘dilemma’ the first time I did Desaru  Long Distance Triathlon in 2008. This year macam kelam kabut the training coz Desaru diadakan lepas bulan puasa.

(excuses ..excuses…).

In 2008, Desaru Triathlon was before puasa. Now, nak complain kat diri sendiri pon tak boleh. so apa yang perlu dibuat for the remaining days towards Desaru, will be ‘buatlah yang terbaik’ (do the best) !

I don’t know if i can do another sub 2 hours for my run leg. 1st Desaru time was 6hrs 25mins, and nearly got a podium for that ! Anyways, here is my Desaru 2008 time :

swim : 1:11:56

bike 3:15:54

run 1:57:57

total : 6hrs 25mins

missjewelz at 2008 Desaru Triathlon (yes, AGES ago..)

Time tuh, boleh tahan fit la even thought swim time macam hampeh.. but for the run, I was flying  ! haha..enjoyed it very much! I spoke to Kevin Chan, the organizing committee yesterday and according to him : – we will swim at the same sea.. (yeah, like of course !).. so expect the same kinda waves !!! washing machine habis ! – bike course flat and rolling, just like 2008 and 2009 . but i heard from Ezer its gonna be hilly ! so…..we’ll see on the 3nd October nanti – run course – flat. In case you are new to the Malaysian triathlon scene, Desaru Long Distance Triathlon is a half Ironman distance event. Not attached to the Ironman brand, the distance is similar to that of the 70.3 Ironman ; 2km swim, 90km bike and 21km bike. Desaru Triathlon also incorporates a sprint triathlon event ; 500m swim, 18km bike and 3km run. I did the sprint event in 2007, and Long Distance in 2008. Skipped last year’s , and will be back this year ! A couple of friends will not be doing Desaru; Ishsal ! Surprise comeback by Jaja, who just gave birth earlier this year. Welcome back Jaja !

myself and Jaja after Sunday morning run. this was around 2 months after Jaja gave birth ! Rock on mama !
Us again in 2008. I was literally roasted a prawn ! Did Broga the morning before this makan session at SK's. If you train, you surely can eat ! I like to eat !!!!!!
What did I tell you about my appetite..? 🙂 hahaahha!

by the way, TNF (The North Face) 100km Duo Bib for Sale. Interested please contact

Rashid at xcalibur7th [@] gmail [.] com

🙂 Have a nice week ahead dear readers & bloggers. This Thursday is Malaysia Day (wait, why do we have this day again..?). Planning to do a brick !!!

NEXT POST : How I celebrated Eid this year !


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    1. satu mangkuk hayun ye?? hahaah… thanks Jaja ! see u kat Desaru. u bertolak hari apa? bawak Alya skali?

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