Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman

Its 1.38 in the A.M. I was watching Doomsday earlier on, and thought I could get sleepy after. Ya right..!

Topic of the day : Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman . Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman or famously known as Jalan TAR is ALIVE as I type these lines. Endless throngs of people heading here jamming up the road leading to this ‘raya prep’ hotspot. Cars are parked by the streetside up to the Concord hotel junction/Bukit Nanas junction ! And its 1.38am ! KL , the city never sleeps.

And my guess the people shopping there are either KL locals, or those heading back to their kampungs tomorrow. This road, in case you didn’t know , is 1 of the famous road in KL. It was formerly known as ‘Batu Road’ and was changed to Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman ,after the first king of Malaysia.

I may have not gone shopping there during festive season, but I’ve ran through this road ! Hahah.. Yeap, the KL marathon last 2-3k would be through Jalan TAR into Dataran Merdeka.

Was  even thinking of taking a walk along this road at night when all d stalls are opened with endless sea of people ! I don’t remember when was the last time I went to a Pasar Malam..! Pasar/bazar Ramadhan I have been to , but not for the past 3 years ! 🙂 I guess I must have gotten used to not going get my break fast goodies and foodies from the pasar.

I have not done any raya preparation. (Yup!) What about you ? 🙂  Will just use the raya baju which I have not worn, from last year. Just a bit annoyed coz I have a nasty zit on my face. Oh, make that 2 !!! (sangat lah annoying ! nak pergi facial pon tak sempat !!) Other raya plans : NOT to binge and overfeed at the open houses. Will do a raya makan journal and update here at my blog what I will be eating !

Hungry already ? These little babies are monsters, nutritiously speaking ! (read my last post. check out the caption on the third last photo).

Anyways.. I hope. Sosilawati will be found.. Can’t imagine the feelings of her family members. Ok, I better stop writing now. Good night folks.


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