Ramadhan Training Weekend(s)

Speedy Gonzales of a month..! Training had been pretty humble. Most which I manage to do on the weekends. Weekdays, nothing much really. Maybe run once or twice.. πŸ™‚ Last week did a trail run at this bukit near Taman Cuepacs, day after did Nuang, halfway till Kem Lolo (d 1st camp if im notΒ  mistaken). Bike rides, normally on Fridays or Saturdays. So far I’ve been cycling once a week only. Puasa month being itself its difficult to find time to slot in for a bike ride especially weekdays since most of my training buddies (plus myself) hafta get up early for work.

For this week bike ride was on Saturday. I’ve managed to finally fit in my training schedule for 3 main events which I’ll be doing the next couple of months. Desaru, Powerman and Penang Bridge Marathon. Desaru is like 5 weeks more..or less..! and I just did my 1st 10k dis puasa month THIS MORNING ! yeap… damn slow.. but was surprise to find dat it was 1hr 10mins. yes slow, but still ok la..takde la sampai 1.30.. anyways, last night it drizzled a bit masa bike..Β  a cool nice ride with Azmar, Hadi, Zamri, Fadil and Azhar. Was suppose to run but skipped that. So Sunday AM was accompanied by Ultra Yip. I was too slow that he had to walk..(sorry Yip..!). There goes my fitness level. I am not targetting anything for Desaru. (sejak bila aku target for races..?! haha).. just do my best lor. Also found out from IM Sofian that Jaja will also be doing Desaru. Awesome ! She just gave birth to a baby daughter a couple of months back.

Other updates, you and I can still keep our fingers crossed for IM Malaysia. When and where will it happen, well..we’ll see. Apparently there seem to be an issue between the 2 ‘giants’ of IM Malaysia. I won’t elaborate further coz I don’t know much. So…uhmm.. i doubt that I will register for any overseas IM. Or should i….?!!! Tunggu dan lihat ye kawan2.

I had buka puasa with some friends today. Indonesian food yo.. yummy.. the amount of food we had..ayya..okay la..we didn’t exactly overfeed. I under ordered, which is good. So Senn was given the honour to order some more for us. So lengkap, ayam, ika, sayur 2 macam, tempe, kurma and some cake. Good company too. and later on yamcha with crepe cake and coffee. This puasa month , sekali pon tak jejak pasar ramadhan. In fact, the past 2-3 years I have not visited any ramadhan bazaars to get my food. In that way I was able to control my intake. My regular (i try to keep em regular) makan menu for this month :

Sahur : rice + chicken/fish + orange+ pear+water

Break fast : kurma + air Zamzam + water – Milo/tea/coffe + rice/noodle+ fish/chicken+ salad

After break fast : orange + pear/apple + water

The past 2 days a couple of friends told me that I look skinny and need to put on weight…. Need to pump these muscles a bit. Water weight anytime boleh dapat.. fat weight..i don’t want..! so the plan is..: more protein to get some bulk for the upper body..hahah.. and uhm, ya lor… eat a bit more lah…!!!! but I am already eating a lot…!!!!!!

okay..some fotos frm trainingΒ  this month here :

28/8/2010 - Up White Hill , Tmn Cuepacs
28/8/2010 - kak Julie and Syazwan
28/8/2010 : Apak San = White Hill

29/8/2010 - Gunung Nuang : Scorp the ion

29/8/2010 - Gunung Nuang : lari lari kita lari...!
Gunung Nuang : The Fallen Bamboos.. (Nuang fotos courtesy of Yip. TQ Yip!)
4/9/2010 - Putrajaya night ride : Saturday drizzly n cool ride ! πŸ™‚ great company too !
4/9/2010 - Fadil : mantap !!! but pancit tayar twice !
4/9/2010 - Putrajaya night ride : Rear view ! hahaha.. thanks Fadil !
Putrajaya night ride : Azmar, missjewelz, Zam, Azhar, Fadil + Hadi (birthday boy !!!!)
5/9/2010 - Bukit Aman yesterday AM : Syah, Yip da Man and missjewelz
Tan Wah Sing - my Kuantan sifu !!!!! πŸ™‚ a nice surprise to see him at Bkt Aman yesterday πŸ™‚ I was with the Kuantan Pacesetters when I first joined the club in 2005, and Tan Wah Sing was our area leader. πŸ™‚
When the giants meet. πŸ™‚ Yip looks like a commando with that haircut ! Sofian's hair mcm George Clooney !
Sofian+Tip, thank you for the chocolate !!!! πŸ™‚ yummy !! n nutritious too ! Energy : 538kJ, Protein 1.6g, Fat : total =6.8g (!!), Saturated=3.9g, Carbohydrate : 15.2g, Sugar =14.1g, Sodium 21g. memang sesuai sgt for makan before training yo..! hihih... πŸ™‚ already wallop 3 just now !! Thanks Sofian + Tip !
Chatted with Carol and Lawrence before I left. πŸ™‚ Congrats Carol on your 1st 21k !!! woot woot !!! Lawrence, I am serious on d tshirt idea.. 'I am NOT Eric Leong'
Big heart Sofian πŸ™‚

Enjoy the rest of Ramadhan folks.


7 thoughts on “Ramadhan Training Weekend(s)

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  1. Heheheh. You know what, I might just print a running bib with that message on it. Saves me the breath of having to explain while running. Thanks much for the pix Miss Jewelz.

  2. Hey there, Miss Jewelz

    So nice meeting you again, and Yip too. You are all amazing. Keep reaching for the stars!

    Love your blog – hey, I am now a fan! πŸ™‚ And thanks for the pix.

  3. just dropping by to get some inspiration to exercise again… i havent done a thing since KL marathon. baru semalam took 3 flights of stairs dah termengah2 and sakit peha. :p

    1. Salam. Hi Azad ! Nice of u to drop by ! πŸ™‚ bulan puasa shouldn’t be an excuse to not stay healthy. Try to increase ur exercise gradually ya as to avoid any injuries. Yes, when ur cardiovascular has been at rest for too long a time, even taking a short flight of stairs dah boleh naik ur heart rate.tuh jd mengah. Same here lah. I did only 1 10k bulan puasa ni !

      Anyways, Eid Mubarak to u n ur family !

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