Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia

11.40pm 30/8/2010

Tanah Tumpahnya Negaraku

Salam + greetings. Its Merdeka again. A special day to mark our dear country’s independence. One day to reflect the rest 364 days.. What and where we are as the current citizens of Malaysia. Negaraku, Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku. So to me, its not about the fireworks and the crowd gathering for the countdown. In fact, I could have stayed back at the mall after having supper just now. I did bring my camera (but left em memory card in the car). I just wanted to go back so that I could ‘scribble’ some thoughts on this blog. Definitely not looking forward to the fireworks though I think it will be visible from where I am right now. I would just grab the camera and take some shots. haha..

So..its Merdeka again.. I noticed that most of the shopping complexes around KL are looking forward for Raya more than Merdeka. In KLCC, I only saw Nike (at least)  having the Jalur Gemilang on their shop’s glass window. Other than that, ..nothing.. Oh no..wait.. those HUGE banner on some buildings around KL.. I noticed that the flag ciput (small) jeee kat the background..and the image of our premier overshadowing the Jalur Gemilang.. goes to show how much we hail someone rather than being patriotic to the country as a whole.

12.02 am 31/8/2010

30% – 70%

I love Malaysia. But I don’t think I need to exactly portray the affection of my country ‘seasonally’ or annually. I would admit right now, that I do not own a Jalur Gemilang. And if I were to fly it, it won’t have to only coincide with the Merdeka Celebration. The only thing which I really benefited these few days is the Merdeka Sale which is happening in most of the major shopping complexes around KL. 30% – 70% sale for clothes and items which would normally cost..a lot more..So it was a good thing that i DID plan to do some shopping the recent weekend. haha..

Patriotism, to me, is pretty subjective. I don’t remember being patriotic as a child or teenager.. or even now. But what I know is that I do love my country. I remember as a child flipping through the newspaper and going through the headlines and pictures in the World section. The routine reaction would be..’look.. Malaysia is so lucky ..a peaceful country. As compared to these countries where war is continuously raging’. The Iraq war, Bosnian war.. what else.. but of course later on, when I hit my 20s (rasa tua pulak jadinye..cess…hampeh..).. only did I realize that even without war, a country can be at ”war”. As raw as you might wanna taste it, the political war, or rather..circus which is going on.. the corruption.. the murders .. the widening gap between the elite and the poor.. the fallout of our trust to our leaders. the bitter and ridiculous spatting which goes on or off court for the cases surrounding Anwar Ibrahim/Teoh Beng Hock.. And wait, whatever happened to our Orang Aslis ? The indigenous group reciding in this Peninsular way before any of our ancestors came here? And what in the world does merdeka have to do with all these?? let me tell you what I at least, think it is… :

Of mangkuk tandas and such

I love Malaysia and I understand that it is a developing company. To say that it can’t develop ‘wisely’ because we have many clowns and culprits and 3rd class minded citizens is an issue because the people itself will reflect whether the country will progress well or not into the future.Build whatever first class and world recognized structures you can .. build marble tiled toilets with those sensor water tap.. or uhm.. whatever hi tech stuff you can install… but IF the users are mentally 3rd class, or have low social ethics and common sense, you’ll still find people squatting on toilet bowls, cutting queues , littering, throwing their cigarette butts on the floor at the mamak outlets.. and the list goes on. For once i think the government should think of human development rather than only focusing on physical developments..  R&D ..vital for agriculture and some professional field… But for human development purposes, it is not as easy as compared to other fields. You don’t simply hire a scientist and do ’empirical’ objective research to study the human being and what effects their behaviour and thoughts processes. It doesn’t take a month or two to design a research, carry it out, get the result and analyze it. On a further note, more follow up studies need to be carried out in other places through out the country to get a balanced sampling and less bias result for the study. Analyze the different variables involved.

One of the main factor of why we never seem to get to the bottom of any of the human issues and controversies happening in this country is that, we are very LAZY to sit down ,study,analyze and synthesize on a matter. What we expect are instant results. As long as money is in, we expect things to be resolved quickly even without having the upper hand and say of the subject matter experts. We are too impatient and love to deduce and cook our own perceptions and thoughts of things..thinking that they’re all accurate and ‘right’ based on our common sense. But what I’ve learned and understood is that not all common sense are common or true.

Poverty ? What poverty ?

I am not a fan of Shahrizat Jalil though I salute her as one of the women leader which stands out among the rest for her outspokenness. But recently she said, by year end all hardcore ‘poverty’ cases will be resolved. If poverty only means anything below RM1000 (or whatever the figure is) and adding another few hundred bucks will take away that ‘status’ from an individual, I don’t know what else to say. There are so many rulers in ‘measuring’ the socio-economical status of a society..  What sort of social impact and effect will it have on the lower income society? Will it translate to a better living status and quality of life and health ? or will it create more problems..? are these people (dont forget about ourselves too) educated enough to spend their money wisely etc… is it necessary to have a group studying on this movement..? Follow up ? yes, no ??

12.33am 31/8/2010

Will we give up ?

Malaysia oh Malaysia.. I love this country and I am aware that the percentage of citizens applying to leave this country is on the rise.. though through our naked eyes it seems rather subtle.. invisible almost. Some of us are happy and thankful that we’re living in this country. Some just find this country too ridiculous even to breathe..

So, for the sake of Merdeka.. I think ..we should start (from now if you havent) reflecting on the country’s past. Come on, don’t just rely on what you got from your textbook. What written in the textbooks is limited and does not give the real outlook of what Malaysia is and where it came from. If history can be erased, it can be done so through the textbooks. Or even by knocking some old prison’s wall because it is not necessary for the future generation to see. There’s always channel 555 on Astro (History Channel) where there are plenty of documentary shows about Malaysia’s history. Take the effort to browse through the guide and check when it the next showing time for any of the Merdeka Specials.. and again, don’t be patriotic only for Merdeka ok.. learn from these shows..learn from your readings..or even your discussion with friends. It is our struggle to maintain the peacefulness our forefathers who have so brave and courageously achieved through years of suffering and struggle. Will we just give up just because we have the wrong people holding the office..? We need to go to the root of the problem..

12.30am 31/8/2010


Its like a colony of kulat.. (what is it again in English,.?).. Fungus ?? It will be there no matter what you do..until you get rid of all the factors involved in ‘prospering’ this Eucaryote to grow, spread and colonize sucking in micro nutrients from whatever it is depending on.. The problem and issue will keep on piling up.. and even if we scrape it off, the next day you’ll still find colonies of em growing.. leave it for a week, you get a field of kulat already.. so.. you gotta scrape it off and carry out regular maintenance .. and HUMAN, we’re more complicated than these organisms.. expect more complicated maintenance.. We have to do it on our own. The professionals relating to human and society development should take more active roles in justifying this society.. but again, never rush to a plan.. there need to be a serious viewing and objectivity within the subjectivity in clearing all this mess .. this mess and dilemmas which goes on at the back of our heads.

12.47am 31/8/2010

Maseratis and academicians

Among the objective minded people that you may find around you are the academicians. They think a lot..but they’re not necessarily poetic or artistic( (well some are and actually write poems !hihih :p That’s you Eddy!). They are objective and at the same time have the grasp of the bigger picture. We on general may have the idea of things but can’t necessarily get the whole picture right. We might miss miss out sometings.. I on the other hand , am not even a social scientist. However, I like to read..(tapi kadang2 malas..).. I am curious.. of things and happenings of History. Sometimes can get emotional too..especially on the road when big ass Maseratis don’t give signal before turning left at the junction..(gila exaggerated..berapa bijik Maserati pernah aku npk kat KL ni..?)..ok ..I was just kidding.. what I am saying is.. I personally rely not only on the current development of the country to get me ‘geared’ into being more patriotic, but I also rely much on learning on the country’s rich history and past. So far I have identified 2 academicians who writes well, and are subject matter experts of the country’s history. And yes, they are academicians.

The first 1 which I only encountered a couple of months back is Sabri Zain.. being a history freak (come on I digg British Natural History Museum, dreamt of going to Greenwich Uni just because its near the Maritime Museum where Titanic is on display, and love anything Hitler (history lah..), Rise + Expansion of Islam, Iwo Jima)…. so..being the history freak that I am .. I was excited when I stumbled upon Sabri Zain’s website. Check it out here..  And last night, I bought a book by Farish A. Noor. I have heard of his name before but didn’t exactly know who he is and what are his contributions to the society. The book is called ‘What your teacher didn’t tell you Vol 1. : Another Project by The Other Malaysia’. The first few lines from the forewords have me tongue waggin’ already.. : ‘There is one thing that makes being an academic even less easy, and that is being an academic in Malaysia ‘. It is also stated that  academic freedom is not a luxury. It IS a necessity and this dear country, in in short supply of it..! Click here for more info on Farish A. Noor and something about him from BBC here

The Other Malaysia website by Farish A. Noor : here


A little prayer to all the heroes and veterans who sacrificed in the name of this country.  Jasamu dikenang. Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 53 dear country. I heart ya !




Bersatu Teguh Bercerai Roboh


Tanah pasir gersang terbentang Anak pertiwi mencangkul tulang Merdeka apa yang sering dilaungkan? Terlepas kongkongan, masuk cengkaman?


Bumi hijau warisan bonda Bencana insan rakus melanda Hilang begitu sekelip mata Tangisan sedih kampung ke kota


Namewee going to jail ? Oh tidak !!!!!!


Pendekar palsu barisan negara

Keris dijulang sorak membara

Tatkala benak akal kemarau

Sembunyi dibalik panji harimau




For our nation's future we have to take our stand. Racist bigots and hypocrites hiding behind political or religious masks are not welcomed. Our soldiers and forefathers didn't fight and defend for our country for all of these. Come on Malaysians...!!!







VISION 20/20 ?


*garu kepala sikit..*










Kid yourself not. We are not living in the ‘dream age’


I don’t think we are MERDEKA.

53 years ago we achieved independence.

Fast Forward 53 years on..we gotta fight for another kind of independence..

And here you are  @ missjewelz.wordpress

reading THIS..

Not exactly the most patriotic or beautiful piece of writing..

Just the writer jotting down her patriotic heart content . rambling away..


Namewee going to jail..oh tidak !!!!!!!!!


17 thoughts on “Selamat Hari Merdeka Malaysia

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  1. love it soo much..u’re one of the citizen who knows how to enjoys this gracefulness of Merdeka…and most important thing is u also know how to appreciate it coz most of the youngsters did’nt know how to appreciate this merdeka…miss u my fren…

  2. yes, love this country, tanah tumpahnya darahku…did you know that malaysia is at 37th place for the nice country to live in?..(1st is finland…i think) least we’re on the list…hooray…!! Selamat Hari Merdeka julie…

    1. #37 ! that is promising !! 🙂 thank you Ijam. and selamat hari Merdeka to you too !!!!!

      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

    1. Can you post me the link once u have reblogged my post ? thanks !! 🙂

      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

  3. Merdeka kah kita? I also don’t know. Independent in status. Still heavily shackled in reality.

    Hey, it’s nice to know you’re also a history freak. So am I. I really love old things. Including old people. They often have so many stories to tell. The older the better. When I was young I wanted to be an archeologist. I’d wanted to pursue a phd and become a historian. I wanted to go work in the British museum or The Smithsonian. Anything to be around historical things. I’d also wanted to be a battlefield or war historian. But alas there were no such options here. It’s nice to know you’re a kindred spirit.

    1. Heyya Lawrence !! thanks for dropping by !!! Glad to know that we share more than 1 thing in common now other than sports !! History was my favourite subject in school ! 🙂

      Merdeka kah kita? the answers are there. up to us which we wanna pick really.. but in the end, its our own little struggle to get the ideal answer to that golden question.

      p.s. : yeap, the old & beautiful. recently i visited The Old Chinese Temple in JB. interesting ! havent got time to update on my blog yet. how have you been ? 🙂 puasa tak ? hihihi..

  4. Miss J, thank you for your very kind words about my Sejarah Melayu website. Sorry to disappoint you, though, but I am NOT, as you attest, an academician. I’ve worked in a government department (JKR), a newspaper (the Star), a multinational company (IBM) and an NGO (WWF and TRAFFIC) but never ever for a university or other academic institution. Just call me a gifted amateur :p


    1. 🙂 its sabri zain himself !!!! I’m honoured to have you leaving your ‘imprint’ here at missjewelz.wordpress . A thousand apologies for the mistake&ignorance.. I will correct it ok.

      Mean time, feel free to go through this humble blog of mine. Selamat berpuasa ! [ What’s left of it 🙂 ]


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