Malaysia Tri-community Updates

I got the news from Stupe yesterday that the father of a fellow triathlete Shakhir passed away. Al Fatihah untuk arwah and condolence to the whole family.

On another note, our very own Sofian Ismail finished the Perth Marathon earlier today. A nice surprise to be getting updates from someone who just crossed the finish line. Total time 4hrs 18mins. When I asked him if its a PB he said NO. Apparently his PB was clocked 2 decades ago. His time ? 3hrs 30mins. Sofian, I don’t want to sound too surprised, coz I am not. InsyaAllah you’ll smash ur own PB someday. (Does it have to be Perth??).

Next update : a not so-updated update. I just got to know from Stupe that the Bike Boutique store in Damansara Perdana is no longer in operation ! What a pity.. But just in case you did not know, there is a new Specialized store in Kota Damansara. Google it up ! I’ve been there and I must say its a cool hip swanky of a bike shop. 3 storey yo ! And surely a whole range of bikes,gadgets and such available. Go check it out yeah ? They also provide bike fitting service there. And also can do your feet profiling there !! 🙂 Contact Daniel to do your bike fitting.

As for myself : yesterday panjat bukit Pak San in Cheras. This morning, miraclelously (is thos spelt correctly??) I did Nuang. But only half way la. Till Lolo Camp and back. A nice workout !!

Ok, have a nice weekend folks. Ramadhan Kareem. (This fasting month passing by too fast…!)


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