Pak San (White Hill) Rendezvous

Went up Pak San with Yip and Ahmad this morning. 🙂 Situated somewhere in Cheras. I would have gotten lost if I hadn’t had the GPS ! Anyways, we made it at the hill foot. Not the usual entrance of a hill as we had to climb up a ‘flight’ of stairs. Luckily it wasn’t that long. Just a steep starters before we climbed up. According to Yip the hill is called Pak San.. Pak refers to old man’s white hair.. (white lah basically) and San according to Stupe means Hill. White Hill ! There are 6 levels if you were to do track/climb the whole hill. Level 1 and Level 2, was steep, though not steep steep. Just by walking your heart rate goes up (and goes to show your fitness level). Quite a climb for a starters ! Level 3 to level 4 was fairly flat with some snippets of climb here and there. The trails were clear enough not to get lost. At level 3 , 4 and 5 there are rest points where you can take a break.

The trees and bushes were not scattered.. Air was not dense and it was really nice to feel the breeze and cool air most part of the way. At the end of Level 5, the road branches to two. To the left said 30 mins walk to waterfall and to the right leads to Level 6. We took right (I just followed Yip) and it wasn’t long before I told Yip that he and Ahmad should proceed and I’ll stay back as the road to level 6 was a steep descend .. I wanted to save the knee for climbing down the path we took earlier when we first started (long climb up translates to long steep descend). But level 6 as at the top of the hill and it would take roughly more than half an hour to go and come back from level 6 to the point we were at that time.

We turned back and met Chong (a runner) at level 5 and he explained to us a bit on the route. Apparently he’s a regular to this hill. He said the trails are well marked but some junctions and crossroad can be tricky.  We continued our short journey.. (tak penat pon)..already recovered from the slowing down .. But it wasn’t long before Yip decided to do some ‘interval’ training on the trails. Ahmad and I followed. Sprint sets of less than 2 minutes before slowing down and repeating it. Quite fun as we only sprinted at the flats. A pretty fun work out.  Going down took 1/2 of the time to go up ; from Level 2 down to Level 1.

And we were back at the carpark ! Yip will be taking part in the The North Face  in Singapore. Happening on the 9th October. There will be a 100km individual category, 100km duo and 50km duo. My friend Chin Chin invited me to join but I had to pass as I have to concentrate training for other races. Yip said he’ll be skipping Desaru to concentrate on North Face. All the best Yip !!! and go cari who else going to TNF from KL lah ! 🙂

Sofian will be running the Perth Marathon tomorrow at 6.30am. He said yesterday weather is cold and clear (sky).. and that he will try his best !  All the best Sofian !!

Have a nice weekend folks.

My training buddies this AM

Yip said that we will walk.

Ya right..! But it was all good 🙂 This is Ahmad and Yip. Yip told me that Yip and the character Ip-man(the movie) belong to the same clan. Cool huh ?!!

me and the Ip-man 🙂 hihihi.. Thanks Ahmad for taking the photo !

Yip checking our location ! Not lost lah. Just showing me and Ahmad the route he took the first time he came here. A tougher route according to Yip !
Yip checking our location ! Not lost lah. Just showing me and Ahmad the route he took the first time he came here. A tougher route according to Yip !

The 2 guys next to me, memang mantap. Puasa-puasa ni boleh lagi naik bukit. Esok ada orang tuh nak naik Nuang... ! but tak confirm lagi. Kepada adik2 UPNM, si Ahmad baru beritahu akak apa sebenarnya apa maksud U.P.N.M. tuh..hihihi..

Somebody decided to take a tumble the last few meters before reaching the finish line !


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