Impulse Reflexes and Reasoning

I had iftar with 2 friends today. Plain water before Maghrib. And then proceeded to California Pizza Kitchen ; 2 plates of pasta and a pizza to share between 3 of us (alhamdulillah). Lucky thing we did not order any starters. We were already full even before we finished half of whatever was in front of us. At the Auto pay machine for the car park, as I was about to pay for the parking a ticket a stranger, a Malay man around his late 30s approached my friend and asked for ‘help’. And when asked what for, he said he has been stranded in KLCC since 2pm. He explained further that a friend dropped him at KLCC so that he can find a job (uhmm…ok..), and had since then left him there.. He said he’s lost and ‘couldn’t’ find his way out. He said he needed 6 bucks. I didn’t quite hear the earlier part of the conversation(was paying the ticket). The car park fee was RM8. And when my friend asked me to take 6 bucks from her wallet, I thought the guy wanted 8 bucks, and I told her I have 2 bucks (balance from RM10 – rm8(parking fee)).

I didn’t straight away give the money to the stranger. I asked him how come its possible for him to linger around from 2PM to 9PM at night ?!! He didn’t answer the question but when about to tell me that he spoke to the guards and that the guards can’t help him and he had plain water only for berbuka (that was exactly I had !). I whispered to my friend, do you think this guy is telling the truth..? I did not want to be judgmental but the guy almost look like an addict to me. Let’s just hope he was telling the truth. But come on..2PM to 9PM ?? So I gave him the money, he said thanks and walked away counting the money..! He must be happy for whatever reasons to find out that he got 2 bucks extra ..!

I told my friend that she should be careful next time.. Nak tolong (help) bukan sebarang tolong. But kadang-kadang (at times) you can’t control your thoughts processes and the actions comes first as a reflex response. Utk kebaikan atau disebaliknye.. (for the good or otherwise). I asked my friend what she thinks of the stranger’s behaviour? She said she malas(lazy) to think. Maybe she is right. What if the guy was telling the truth..? What day..something like this will happen to me?! or you ?! One thing I learnt from this is that I can’t be judgemental. But at the same time, I’ll put my faith numero uno, and reasoning along with it. Sometimes helping can mean only worsening a situation. This WHEN you think the circumstances that will follow as a result of your action. I know its Ramadhan and everybody feels like doing charity. Do u think it is charity to help these schemes using small kids to beg around for money..? and the $$ doesn’t serve any benefit to them but only to their ‘operators’. Who benefit..? and how..? Would you feel good to give money, even RM1 to an addict….? (not refering to the stranger tadi)

Think about it. Help has many meaning. Jangan bantu untuk binasa sudah. Do everything sincerely. And know what you’re doing it for. I am not holier than thou. I am just reminding myself as I am just like you, many flaws which needs to be fixed and corrected. Let it come from your faith, heart and aql. And the intention should be sincere too ! Anyways, good night folks..! early day tomorrow.


Kepada muslimin dan muslimat sekalian, masa time berbuka tuh ingat2 lah supaya bersederhana. Makan yang sihat. Banyakkan sayur-sayuran hijau, buah-buahan. Kurangkan makanan berminyak, makanan laju (fast food lahh) dan juga yang terlalu masin atau manis. Nak advance lagi, rajin-rajin la baca buku.majalah atau mana-mana bahan rujukan yang menyediakan maklumat tentang cara pemakanan yang sihat. (amacanggg?? ok tak my BM ? hihi)

Adios amigo ! zzzzzz….. eh salamu alai kum.


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