Shape Run 2010 , Putrajaya

Will work ‘slowly’ to update on belated reports. I took part in the MUDS – Malakoff University Duathlon Series on Saturday morning, and in the evening I was in Putrajaya to support and cheer friends doing the Shape Run 2010 (12k and 5k fun run). Back up plan was to run IF i had the energy or feel to. It was a killer work out in the morning running and cycling in UM. I didn’t register for Shape Run and wasn’t planning to take part anyways..LOL. Even brought my running gears with me, just in case. By Β the time I reach the open car park behind Palace of Justice, I decided I would just support the runners and take some fotos/video. πŸ™‚ Was also helping out at the Revive Isotonic drink station ! Fun ! I don’t know how many thousand cups i filled for the runners. Thank you for those of you who queued up patiently πŸ™‚ And shame on you who decided to be selfish and cut queue Β !!! One runner (who cut the queue) even said ‘Is this all you can offer us?’ So I guess he meant just 1 cup? Duh! Of course you can take more than 1 cup. But surely not a whole bottle. I remembered 2-3 guys asking for 1 bottle so that ‘easier’ for him and his friends. If that is the case, than ALL runners can do that also. So, NO sir.

I am a runner/athlete just like most of you who are likely to drop by this humble blog of mine (thank you!), so I know what it feels like upon finishing a race.. and it really tests our virtues and values, whether during racing or after the race queuing up for drinks, for food, goody bags etc. So it is really unfair for those who queued up only to see some selfish runners simply cutting queue ! I even scolded these Q cutters ! LOL. ‘Oh, nak mati dah’, grabs a cup from the side (or behind me) and leaves. Annoying !!! Baru 12k bang oi. Hello !!! And I’ve some experience taking the role of volunteer, marshal and race committee/organizer. Take on a different perspective every time I attend/handle a race event.. πŸ™‚

Take on your own selfishness at home (errr..actually, please don’t!), hoping that your kids or younger siblings don’t follow suit. Very bad attitude. But anyways, I can’t comment much on the race itself as I didn’t take part. But I saw runners having a good time. Nice to see the familiar faces. And more happy to see Pierre and Shahrudin securing 1st and 2nd place without any problem. If you were aware of the recent issue in this country’s road running scene,pertaining Pierre , you would feel ashamed (as Malaysians) Β to know that some of our own countrymen are very selfish slash greedy and will do whatever it takes to get $$ from run races. Come on. Sports for all ! Why the segregation. No Kenyans, no this no that. JAGUH KAMPUNG till when ? Imagine having these types of Malaysians in multisports (what am i talking about, we have some !!). Where will our benchmarks be? Malaysians should wake up from their dream and realize that we’re living in A WORLD. We’re all the same except for some proteins combination which produces different genotypes and phenotypes. But functionally we’re just the same. Values may be different from culture to culture, but common and shared values are and should be the same. If you’ve been following the FIFA World Cup.. you see that banner they display before each match?! It is a call for fairness in sports. Nothing more. Ages ago some sports were only allowed for some races or nationalities. So are we going back to the middle ages again ? Hope not !!

So knock knock on the head a bit, and WAKE UP ! Be fair in sports, sports for all !!!! Go Pierre, Go Shahrudin , Go Don, Go Naresh ! πŸ™‚ Keep on running ! Keep on inspiring ! πŸ™‚

Stupe and Aileen Har ! I’m all out supporting your Powerman team E.A.R.N. ! πŸ™‚

Video HERE

Photos HERE (from my shutterfly album)

Photos from the pros (Snap Attack) HERE

Congratulations to all runners !

Photos below ;by Susan Oon, thank you !

That is missjewelz on the chair, next to the coolest photographer, Chan Wing Kai. I actually took the chair around the sponsors tent all the way to here to video record the Fun Run start. πŸ™‚ Didn't realize someone took this foto. Nice shot. By the way,I placed the chair back ok ! hihih.

Among the 1st few Pacesetters I met during my running days in Kuantan back in 05. Me and Tan Wah Wing the barefoot runner. He owns a Vibram if i am not mistaken. By the way, those 2 patches on my jean's pocket is the aftermath of standing nearly an hour at the Revive Isotonic water station helping out the workers pour the drinks into the small cups. Free work out for my arms, so can't complain. But was glad to assist la. Free scolding to runners yang tak reti-reti nak beratur. LOL.

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  1. just bump into your blog. ohhh… so that was u, the one scolding those runners who come behind u, cutting q to get the revive drink !!! i was there too. don’t know if u remember me. i was in the q and help u to scold some of the runners behind u too !!! hehehehe πŸ™‚ anyway, it was great seeing u volunteering there though u were not require to… and the 2 patches on your jean, hmm… they look fashionable lor !!! muahahaha :))

    1. Hi Dannie ! TQ for the comment ! I’m not sure if I can recall, but hey, Thank You for helping me out by scolding d selfish 1s πŸ™‚ so u have a blog as well ? πŸ™‚

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