Did my 1st ride (and 1st training) post PD last night. A late dinner before that consisting of broccoli soup, margherita pizza and warm water. Then off to Putrajaya. I have decided earlier on that I should rest and recover my legs and system for a bit especially after a harsh weekend. I am not worried of the upcoming race this weekend (a sprint duathlon) despite the zero mileage the whole of this week, well at least till last night when I cycled a 30k with Hadi (thanks Hadi !!).

For a short distance race, I do not need as much endurance as in longer races. What I need is intensity, and of course some speed. For last week I came in 2nd in my category, which of course, turned out as a (nice) surprise. I’ve been taking part in MUDS since 2008, and have taken the podium almost every races (not that I am fast or anything..), so for this year I thought just take it easy and let the other girls have their share of podium experience.

Getting back to the title above.. I felt a little sleepy after dinner..yeah while driving to Putrajaya. The plan was to start at 9.30pm. Yeah, a bit too late to start. But if I wait for tomorrow it’ll be too late. Actually I’ve been training a lot in the evening, and that may explain why some friends of mine couldn’t ‘recognize’ me cuz I look fairer ! haha.. I take that as a compliment.

We did the 70.3 Putrajaya loop (30k). Not fast,tho. An hour ++. The idea wasn’t to go fast anyways. it was both my recovery ride n training ! LOL. ok, the story continues.. I know that I’ve a new ITB issue blooming it’s way and I am doing my best to stop it. I’ve rested well. Went for sports massage. Iced them. So after the ride last night, I just had to stretch the leg muscles (and ITB). By the time I started stretching it was nearly midnight. I had a full day yesterday (and a tired one too). I was already sleepy … Stretched the calf, then the quads, and adductor. For the ITB, I used my modified foam roll. For this stretch I have to lie on my side and place my ITB perpendicularly on the foam roll. The next thing I realized is that I actually dozed off while happily (or rather sleepily) stetching my ITB ! Goshh.. Gila semangat..! haha..

PD story coming up when I wake up later aight. Now gotta hit the sack !! good night .

Evening run in Jay Bee !
I found a new favourite song for running. Its called 'Running', by No Doubt. Go YouTube it. U'll luvvit !
I've yet to update on a recent road trip to the Old Chinese Temple, AND an Indian costume shop ! hihi..ok, how do i look ?
Photo from my NB15K cert. Poor timing..1:32..


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