Why Practice Makes Perfect..

It felt chaotic.  Rainy and cloudy day.. It was as though I was in some carnival instead of a triathlon event. This is my 1st tri event for this year, but obviously not my first. I’ve done a few. But I don’t know why today it felt different. We were to swim across the sea , reach the island.. bike.. and..had to get back to the mainland where we started.. But after the bike, I saw kayaks at the beach, along the island.. So I wasn’t sure.. am i suppose to kayak..? or swim..? wait.. this is a triathlon. There is no kayak discipline in a triathlon.. but how come there are some participants kayaking..? and some swimming..? ive my running shoes on..(put them on after the bike).. so.. i obviously can’t swim.. so do i have to kayak..? there were  no officials or marshal in sight..What do I do..what do I do..? I don’t want to be DQed for breaching the rules and regulation of this event..and i can’t afford to waste time figuring out .. humm…

I ended up giving up, coz I was not sure what to do..This will be the 1st time I DNF a tri race.. what a shame..

*and she finally woke..it was just, but a dream..


My 1st PD Tri in 2007, and 2nd sprint tri.. raining cats and dogs that day the cycle route was cut into 1/2.
Bike out – PD Tri 2009 (OD)

NOTE : Practice makes perfect. You wouldn’t know what to do next until you practice and learn what to do..and it will certainly help you a lot during race day. Be it bike check in, transition layout (T1, T2), swim, bike, run, transition sequence(what to do 1st, next and so on) etc. You can imagine on race morning, especially if you are a newbie, you will panic and unsure what to do 1st, how to do it.. and you might feel guilty to ask another participant for a last minute tip as he/she is busy organizing his/her transition layout..and preparing mentally for the event..Same goes to training. The fact that you’ve done a marathon before doesn’t mean you remember how you trained for it. So practice to learn, and learn to practice !  Look up, read up, ask, discuss, watch ! 🙂 And I am still learning myself 🙂 All the best to all doing the PD Tri this weekend ! To Yahya, Abe and Kiden who will be doing the 1st triathlon (sprint distance on Saturday), ALL THE BEST !! Race safe and have fun.

Kidin, missjewelz, Yahya, and Abe (Abdul Hadi). Pic taken at the Triathlon Clinic in PD held 2 weeks ago at Admiral Marina by Uncle Chan

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    1. Stupe.Sometimes we take our good health for granted. Yesterday morning I took for granted that everyone I met was health and fit.you included of course. But reading ur blog made me realize how easy (and unfair) it is of me and my perceptions,,so..inaccurate too. I don’t even know if I am sick myself..You are making an impact with through all d little things you do in life,irregardless of u condition. I mentioned in my blog (also Siemens report) that running isn’t just about running.its another reflection of what kinda person u are. U turned up.u smiled n cheer on others too. U show to others if there’s a will, there certainly will be a way. Tak kisahlah highway ke, crazy way ke..its all in d mind. N heart. Ur post nieh giler touching weihh… But u did great yesterday(frankly speaking I don’t know/cant imagine what u felt during d run. It was nice to see u d last 200-300m b4 d finish. Take care bro.n well done again !!! 🙂 I’ll race Desaru for u lahh ! P

    1. Hi Jaja ! Sure, will keep that in mind. 🙂 i have 4 friends whose nickname is Jaja ! anyways, thank you for visiting this blog. and welcome to the running world ! its fun ! 🙂

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