Siemens Run – fotos

Some fotos grabbed from Stupe, Nik, Pueh Tian Lim and Chan Wing Kai. Thank you guys !! Running pics are precious (other than video) as you can see even in the statistic illustration what’s your running posture like.. Mine sucks and needs correction and improvement !!

Errr.. be prepared for the pink splash all over your screen !! hihih..

Me and Aileen before the run:) Photo from Stupe’s blog. Both of them did the run. According to Stupe, Aileen is a natural runner just that she doesn’t know it !

Me and the guys. I am not sure how many thousand runners took part that morning. According to someone, it was nearly 5k, including the F and G runners, or rather..walkers.. Check out Stupe's right wrist. His IM wristband is still there and will be there till his next IM. He ran Siemens despite not being in the top of condition (health). I salute you bro. And you're right, no excuses. Just inspiration.

That's me and the big bottle of mineral water !! hhaha.. not that i drank that much. Just drank what's left ! All in a cheery mood. Come on, its only a 10k ! 🙂 No wait..before IM also the same facial expression la.. hahaha..

Water station before the lovely double hill. Ever since I ran the double hill years ago at 1 of the Pacesetter runs, there was no reason not to like this hill. Imagine the course being flat... your muscles tire easier..! When there are hills, there's not only uphill, but also downhills ma. 🙂 Me gulping another cup. Previously, I usually bring my own drinks for runs. Kudos to the organizers for the excellent management of the water station.

I ran the race with Nik Fahusnaza, yeap all the way.Though at this section he inched ahead to get this shot. Pic before this was also by him. Thank you Nik. We mixed the pace, some parts were a bit slow, some cruise pace..some fast a bit... depending what we felt like that time loh.. He is having some ITB problem, and my right ITB were not complaining as much (as SCKLM) , so managed to control the pace without much discomfort. Learn to listen to your body people... Both of us (plus Syah) couldn't have sprinted the last 1k if we continued to push on when we felt some pain/discomfort during the run.

Bump into guess-who after Padang Merbuk ?! None other than superfit,cool and fast IM Sofian !! He was returning after his Sunday 20k ritual.. (or did you do 42 Sofian?). Sempat lagi take photo. Lucky enough to have mr cameraman Nik with me !! LOL.

Ok.. I never thought I would live to see a pic of my quads popping out like this.. Scary ! anyways, this pic shows that I am bending my right leg too much.. stress on the knee. .

I am still fixing this prob.. I pull my pelvic position way to down (thus causing my leg not being able to flex properly and putting additional and unwanted stress to my pelvic joint).. It should be higher, to make the body more upright. Body position is important... ! You bongkok sikit, hunch siket, this and that.. it will have effect to other parts of your musculo-skeletal system, and further more, if your running position is way off the recommended 1s, it can lead you to injury even without you noticing or realizing it. Go to and search (you can use their search box) the correct running posture for runners. or even running postures which can lead to injury !

The 1km Speedy Gonzales. Syah, myself and Nik. LOL. Can't forget that last sprint, like ever ! 🙂 Syah, i was telling Nik, that if you really utilize the length of your leg, you can become a much better runner ! 🙂 1 stride from you would equivalent to 3 of mine ! p.s. : silly me for not looking at the camera !!

The 1 and only IM Patsy !!!!!!! Read my previous post (i wrote about what happened to her the day before this run). Pic courtesy of Nik

Me and the last runner for the A category. He cramped badly the last 200m ++ i advised him to walk instead and finish the race. Look out for him the next running event ! Nice to meet you Jonathan !! 🙂 And keep going yeah !!

And Dicky came along. Hahaha.. that 10k was nothing but easy for him i suppose !!

Me and Alexandria, the last runner for category B (10k Women Open). Congratulations !! p.s. i like her shades lah !!

Photo by Mr Chan Wing Kai !!! The ever cool photographer from Pacesetters ! 🙂 TQ !





12 thoughts on “Siemens Run – fotos

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    1. must thank the photographer(s). 1 of em happened to ‘stroll’ with us to the finish. we would have been more fortunate to have a foto by this particular photographer.. ! LOL ! yeah, utilize that pair of armour !!

    1. Jamie : thank you !!! you’d kill for !!?! ayya…but slow lah.. still in progress for a speed makeover. patience and discipline are 2 important rules in this process. 🙂 didnt see you last Sunday !

  1. Hee hee. I am impressed lah Julie by your niceness to everyone irrespective of whether they are fast / last, fat, colour , age. I am impressed.
    I have made a mental note to do something for you. Provided Air Asia and Pacesetters still have the same package next year (July 2011), I still have my job etc. I will treat you the package (not yet 100% OK). Start training.

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