Drop It Like Its Hot | Siemens Run 2010

LOL. There goes my thought of doing a 10k training run today. I was suppose to a 90mins bike and a 35mins run today (according to my training program) but as soon as I knew from Ronnie See that a runner is selling a number for Women Open (category B) , I straight Β away contacted Ronnie and Shahril ( and wife!), thank you all of you. Since the only run I did this week was on Wednesday at the gym, this would be a good warm up (well sorta) for my 2 races next week.

The plan was just to take it easy and stroll by the feel. Yeah, you gotta listen to the body. I was not panicked knowing the fact there’s no specific training for this run. The lesser is better, but only when you balance it. I’ve been constantly training (alhamdulillah) and had to make sure I had plenty of rest and makan (ehem) to recover and refresh before the next training. So, not worried lah. In fact yesterday I was out and about with my friends. Starting off with lunch with Najwa and Nazmi. Then went to OCM. Passed Pudu Jail on the way (giler tempting.. ). If the afternoon jam wasn’t bad I would have spent at least 30mins to check out the uncalled wreckage of another piece of history in KL… (don’t you hate it when there’s nothing left behind to remind us of our country’s past..). Original plan was to climb bukit tabur..! And earlier that morning (gosh i nearly forgot…), I did a 52km bike with my training buddies at Lekas highway. Damn fine course… manage to cruise about 30-31km/h. Which was decent. After that straight to UM to help Nazmi with some hill training (cycle). He’ll be doing his 1st sprint duathlon next 3 weeks ; UPNM, UM, and UPM.

Haha… I can’t leave this one out lah.. at UM sports complex, well, I had to go to the loo before the training session. And when I pressed the flush, nothing happened, so I pressed the flush handle 1 more time, harder. And look what happened…

Maybe its time is due.. sorry flush..

The flush handle..

Ok, fast forward to race morning..

1.Woke up. felt like another day. No perasaan also for then run. Training run..right..?

2. A slice of bread with peanut better. I can’t run on empty tummy.. Endurance drink, a must..

3. Prepared to run without a water bottle in my hands

4. To dataran merdeka. Surprisingly the traffic wasn’t bad. I arrived a bit later.. but enough time for a warm up run from the car park to the starting area. Stretched a bit after

5. Didn’t bring my camera (gila serious..), but manage a few hellos and quick chats with Aileen, Stupe and the rest. Nik and I planned to just do an easy pace

6. Downed a gel, drink a bit, Gun off, plenty of runners.

7. Plan which had to be executed and was executed throughout the run ;

a) no sprinting in the 1st 9km

b) no pushing up the hill. cruise control can..

c) drink at the water station but make sure don’t over hydrate or else can get cramps

d) support the other runners

e) do the tangent !! (what’s that ??) type the word in my search box. It really saves time on your running especially for the uphills. hell yeah, we had 3 lovely hills this morning didn’t we.. (Bank Negara, Bukit Tunku and Double Hill)

f) maintain my posture, loosen up the shoulder and BREATH !!

g) have fun

h) try hard recalling when was the last time i did a real 10k….

So there, my plans and execution for the 10k run. according to a couple of friend who did the run, it was 10.3-10.4 course. hilly course ! but nice. I am sure all of you enjoyed it. I manage to do an 1hour ‘training’ run. Can’t help it but ‘enlightened’ my pair of legs to up the pace especially after that last u-turn, and sprinted the last 400-500m with Nik and Syah. Thanks guys. So hey, find a pace buddy whenever you’re in a race. It’ll ease some burden off a bit. Don’t try to follow anyone who is much faster than you unless you plan to look for trouble later on.

It was a good race, at least for me and my friends. I was happy to see the familiar faces again. Even saw IM Sofian the last 4km. He didn’t take part but was running his weekly 20k loop (right Sofian..). You look good bro !! Crossed the finish line, got a medal and cert. Yeay..! πŸ™‚ uhmm.. and then turn back and walk towards the last traffic light junction we had to cross before getting on to the Dtrn Merdeka brick stretch. The fun has not yet ended, just had to cheer and support those who were still running. Saw some guys ran with sarong, rainbow wigs and socks, (giler cool! i loike), saw Stupe, TSB, Ziff !! , and heyya, my classmate masa form 3, Najwa !!! Congrats !! Salute to the lady who ran with a sling on Β her arm, she gave me high 5 and i accidentally exchanged with a pat (or rather a smack) on her affected shoulder…sorry..! Got a few aunties in the E categories who were running all the way. I salute you all. To the some of the annoying F and G runners, or rather walkers, they should have the decency to walk at the SIDE of the course instead of in the middle. They really do disrupt the 10k runners’ pace. I couldn’t help but told them to walk at the side. From where I was standing (at the last 200m ++ point before finish line if you noticed, (yeah the noisy 1 in the pink vest and black shorts)), I could see the different type of behaviour, at least on a run course . The F and G runners, some of them were running , some were walking and busy chatting away.. The school kids, I don’t know if they are even inspired by all the makcik and pakciks overtaking them. Some were smsing, some on the phone.. well, missjewelz told them , ‘SMS/Call later lahhh !!! Run first !!!’.. hahaha… The energy must have came from the excitement seeing all these runners…

To all of you, congrats !! to Jaja (Syazaril Azha) and friends, nice to meet you guys again !!! To the last 2 runners, Jonathan and Alexandria, it was nice to see you guys finish !!! Alia, Alaudin ,Wendy, Uncle Bo, Jun, Nadia, Nizz, Robia, Jiza, nice to see all of you too ! πŸ™‚ Keep going guys and gals. And encourage more and more friends and family members to take up running. Fun ain’t it ?!

Nizz, you really heard my voice in your head while running…? I mean..wow !!!! Maybe I should stop screaming at you to run faster !!! But i know i should not ..right..?!!! hihi.

To the organizers, congratulations. I think you guys did a great job. This was my 1st Siemens run. I absolutely love the course. Just perfect for a training run/route.

Before I end, IM Patsy (a 66 year old lady who has finished Ironman several times – in case you don’t know her) told me that the course was superb and flat ! She jogged/ran all the way, and didn’t walk at all, not even the slightest bit. So we, the younger (any age below 66) ought to remind ourselves, over and over, running is not just about the running, winning or losing. But its another representation of what type of person you are. She(Patsy) didn’t give up despite the fall she had while cycling at Putrajaya yesterday (preparing for PD Tri), her knee was bandaged, and she had some scratches on her face. I salute you IM Patsy. The next time you see a 40 year old somethin (or make that 30 ++ ) big bellied or maybe lethargic person hanging out at the mamak, why don’t you ask them to join the next 5k or 10k run..! Too hard, encourage another buddy, family member, your colleague, your project manager, workers, Β or and even your bosses. Malaysians, you can. Let’s walk the talk !

Yours truly; missjewelz.

p.s. I will upload the pics once i get it from my friend. no camera today lah..!

LEKAS highway , yesterday.

Already missing those adventures and eco challenges earlier this year. Fun !! Next 1 which I know of will be the Perhentian Island Challenge.

Nik and Syah, a nice stroll (yeahh rite.. *evil smile* chuckles*smiles*) Β with you guys. Thank you !!! It was good.

Paul Lee, was it too dark just now aaa..? hihihi… Nice to see you again bro. πŸ™‚

Jiza, rest well and take care of your kaki.. (and body). Was worried looking at u run like dat td. Congrats anyways !! πŸ™‚

Nizz, congratulations !! Way to go girl !

Nadia Nizam + Alia, call me !

Najwa πŸ™‚ again, wa bangga sama u ! Peduli je colleague ko tuh.. kalau dia tak mampu kejar ko, habiskan je race. Hero jugak apa..

Syukran, dang…ive to really run with you the next time..!

Aileen Har , you wallop Stupe ,… like again ?!! Two thumbs up !! πŸ™‚ Stupe,get well. I will claim my masala tea and Egyptian dates in PD !

Heyy, i betta stop.. tak mandi lagi nieh.. cau cin cau people… Β πŸ˜›

Snoopin’ with the Doggy πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Drop It Like Its Hot | Siemens Run 2010

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  1. haha !Good to see you! Great race! nice friends! nice time…. You look different after you cut yr hair too(and fairer?)! See you at PD then… Cheers Paul

    1. Yes, a hair cut last night ! And fairer ? U mean in d dark or after d race ? Hihi. Nice to see u too. Yeah, great run, atmosphere, company and all. πŸ™‚ luckily u were not wearing ur road ID top n compression tights or else all d ladies would be chasing after u !! πŸ™‚ my head felt lighter a bit.haha. But I don’t want too look to young either ! Have a good Sunday, Paul ! And everyone else !! πŸ™‚ well, what’s left of it.

  2. U call that finishing sprint as “stroll”?!?
    Saya sudah rasa macam sesak nafas daa trying to follow your “stroll” pace.. heheehe.
    Well done.

    C u in PD!

    P/s: Thanks for the bib #. πŸ™‚

    1. Nik, I think I was following u n syah’s stroll pace lah. Hahaha.. Ok la, stroll was the 1st 9.3km. The last 700m ish we started to open our strides lah . Hahaha. Syah kaki panjang sure no prob 1. :@ shud do this more often. (strolling)

  3. Hi there, I found your blog when I Googled “Siemens 10K 2010 results”, I am looking for my official timing. You’re really cool; I wish I knew a real triathlete! Way to go girl. I would like to THANK you very much for telling those F and G kids to be partial to the faster runners coming through. It was a real *pain* trying to get past them over the last 2km.. imagine, walking and chatting in a ROW across the road – Duhhh!!!.. Maybe someone needs to give out instructional material on road race etiquette, since these kids don’t have the basic common sense….. oh well. No more complaints, it was a nice run otherwise. Take care and all the best in your training and races, MissJewelz…!

    1. Yeah, I agree with you Audrey. Its real pain. Either way, they’re a pain too. The organizers could have reminded them in the registration form to give way to the runners. The fact that the orange cones lined forced the runners (extra enforcement by d marshalls) to run ‘together’ with the F,G runners,or walkers.. Don’t blame d kids, some times d adults are d same as well. (Ooopss)

      Maybe we can give an official feedback to the organizer regarding this matter. But all in all, I think it was a pretty well organized race.

      TQ for dropping by. Feel free to visit this blog anytime aight. πŸ™‚ cheers.

  4. Too bad no one listened to you to give way to ‘real runners’ somewhere near Maju Junction. They are all just typical Msian or they dont have any idea what were u saying that time πŸ˜› Saw u and nik passed me by, but i wont follow considering you guys are much faster than me.

    Nice run it is. Happy Training.

    1. That’s the least I can do. And knowing myself, I had to tegur ma. πŸ™‚

      U cud haf joined us la. Haha. Just having the last minute fun. πŸ™‚ nik was running fast next to me we kept knocking each others elbow and knuckles ! Syah jumped into the train also, n made it more fun ! “Lil kids” havin fun I guess. Hihihi. So what’s ur next 10k ? We cud pace together. 4 of us πŸ™‚ treat it as a training run. Reduces d pressure.

  5. Glad you enjoyed Siemen’s! Pretty well organised..and the u turn was a mental killer. First time at Siemens for me too..see you at PD!

  6. hahaha…. thanks julie!

    YES!! i HEARD you in my head, the whole way actually… just like how you would scream at me to PEDALLLLLLL!!! that’s how i heard it in my head… RUNNNNNNNN DON’T STOP NOW…. Make it thru to the next 3 posts then you can recover…. SIKIT JE LAGI!! I took those hills as one of my hill trainings. It was crazy.

    But… i must admit. I felt quite energized that morning. maybe cos for the first time ever, i actually DID push myself and realised that i didn’t die from it either (no pun intended, considering all the deaths lately).. it was painful but i forced myself to run faster at some points and slowed down at some but i kept reminding myself not to totally slow down.

    Thank you for being that screamy voice in my head Jules. I definitely needed it. Good luck for PD tri!

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