Avatar & Food

missjewelz: the avatar edition 🙂 should have change the skin colour. i look anemic ! trying to get used to the shorter hair la ! hihi. i was influenced to try this after I saw the avatar of Shazly and Jason of Snap Attack ! 🙂 Click here to create one for yourself!

With friends at the Ironman Langkawi 2010. IML 2011 has been taken off the official Ironman website. There goes. So China perhaps..?

missjewelz : the south park ed. skin tone , better. look a bit like granny but i like !


ok..I’m a bit bored at the moment. Was suppose to cycle this morning, but didn’t.Will spin in a bit.. Weather looks fine. This morning on the radio it said thunderstorm expected here and there. KL? I am not sure. Looks fine at the moment!  I don’t get worried running in the rain. It’s fun, have you tried it ? 🙂 Well, except for when there are lightnings ! Last month I ‘got’ the chance to run in the rain twice. The first time in the trails, and second on the road. Cooling, refreshing and even felt I had more focus on the run ! Anyways I’m planning to do a brick tomorrow AM. Putrajaya-Dengkil , followed by a short run. The 40k loop which I used to do sometimes ago.

Food, fat and weight

.oh yeah… I’ve been telling my friends to eat healthy (while its ok to take the junks once in a while!) (oh really?).. And lately I’ve been devouring in greedy gulps and chomps of junks more than ever  ! I ‘try’ not to snack in between meals but end up binging on Kettle Chips, cakes(!), ice cream ! I have not been training as regularly (oh no..)(but hey come on..!), and it didn’t come in a surprise to see that I’ve gained weight.. around a kg ! I eat a lot ..i can eat a lot (and no you can’t imagine unless you’ve joined me before. It’s really nice to be able to enjoy the food that I eat ! So much that my dad used to get worried and told my mum ‘look at this girl eat, unbelievable !’ Oh yeah, dad? haha.. well mum expected me to finish everything on the plate! If not, I can’t leave the table! And at the restaurant, often time..no wait..most time my plate becomes the dump (thanks to my brother who’s really picky with his food, and they all end up on my plate) . Talking about my childhood.. I even remember , when we ate at restaurants, I’d be the last to leave the table because I had to finish my food before rushing to the car where my family is waiting..haha.. ! Sweet memories ..! Imagine eating adult meal portions when you’re 8 ! Well, it didn’t take me long to master the art of eating a lot at a very young age ! It carried on until….now ! The heaviest I went was 58kg 10 years ago..yeah, back in school where I literally ate all day long, back when the word triathlon or duathlon have yet existed in the vocabulary of my ears. haha. but running, yes la.

So uhm.. in the morning, I makan..lunch, makan.. tea..makan..dinner, of course ! pre-supper(bread and biscuits).. supper(ice cream, dadih, chocholate, wahi (boarding school term for Milo!), biskut mayat).. and in the dorm, my food stock..and then sleep. Cycle continues 7 hours later. I was that ..fat… And now at 52-53kg,  I am already feeling the jeans getting tighter ! *gasp* See how ‘relativity’ changes across the time?  I don’t know if I am lucky or not as I am able to maintain this ‘frame’ for a while now. I think being active and doing sports contributed to a major portion of why I have not pass beyond 55kg for more than 4 years now. I am not skinny, like Alexa Chung , Catherine Zeta Jones or Zoe Saldana (oh my god, have you seen their latest fotos!). Here’s the catch, not only overweight and underweight people have dilemmas, those who fall under the normal range also face the same deal, oh yeah, from other people who says that I am too skinny, this and that. I am within my normal weight range, and as far I as I am concern, I am ok. Just that fat bit, I gotta watch out! Would be worse to know if my visceral fat percentage is creeping up !! yikes… I gotta take in food with good nutritional value for my body and health. I’ve to say what I mean (reminding myself that is) and mean what I say (do it !). If you’ve watched Miss Swan, the sketch comedy show on madTV, you would remember her tagline, say what you mean, and mean what you say.

tips for those who need to reduce weight : use cardio exercise to lose weight.

tips for those who need to put on weight : errrr…..exercise ?! build some bulk, not fat..!

tips for those whose weight are ok but still have issue : don’t take your slimness for granted.. those heavier than you might be healthier or even fitter.. go check the fat, cholesterol etc.. medical check ups to see if the whole system is ok. 🙂 smile, be happy and make others happy by telling them that they can achieve that healthy happy life and..weight if they choose to do it !

Here, watch the adorable Miss Swan. I can bet that you’ll instantly fall for her and look for more Miss Swan videos !

Me and my friend's celebrating Yip's birthday a couple of months back. Yip (red tshirt) just completed the 84km ultramarathon 2 weeks ago ! Sub 10 baby ! Congratulations !


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