Out of breath

Its already June 8th 2010.. and the much awaited June 20th is quickly drawing near. The past 1 month ++ have been amazing. The races and occasions which I’ve attended and taken part in , the people i met, the company, the thousands of photos from my race trips in my hard disk (which I have yet to share some with you guys here), the recovery, the getting my-a$$-back to training, the paper on graphology which I’ve yet to finish…! (yikes), what else.. *phew..* tires me out thinking what I’ve went through these few amazing weeks. I can’t just get pass them.

And to think (and do) the numerous things which I’ve planned to do from this day onwards to that date. very important so i cant afford to waste time. And once  I have passed this date, the only thing I can imagine sipping into me…will be that feeling after I crossed that finish line.. I was not exactly clueless but I had mixed responses from the various systems which makes me, me.Happy, proud, tired, energetic, emotional?, emotionless..hey where are those tears of joy..? It must have been such a journey. Well, its was INDEED a journey I can’t straightaway describe now. And now this journey to June 20th.. lemme see.. that journey took me a decade. Yes, 10 years. Nothing compared to my Ironman journey… Something or..things.. are coming my way, and I shall remind myself not to get too excited and focus on a fruitful journey, while it last.

In fact, I have written like..2 other posts reminding me of this topic…

June 20,2010

Counting Down

I shall remind myself that I have to stay grounded a bit to make the best out of this little time that I have.. before I get carried away by excitement or perhaps the overwhelming knowledge that I will soon continue on in a different realm. There will be no hellos or goodbyes.. just continuing on this life of  mine. I will have to work hard for it to be a meaningful and happy one. Hopefully. Easier said then done. I may be out of breath now.. *gasp..*struggles…*needO2*.. but i will maintain my focus and never be out of my mind.  Come on Julie…just a lil bit more….! Amen.

self shot with the computer webcam. 3rd raya 2008.

Perhentian Island Challenge 2008. One of my biggest catch ->> RM2500, 3rd place mix elite with Badrol of PASKAL

Desaru 2008. 1 of my all time fav shots. thanks Bobot for this lovely foto!

Don't drink and drive a big fat Kia van. LOL. memoirs organizing the XTERRA Malaysia 2009. So tiring, but it was worth the experience. And yeah, that including driving this big (manual) van around Kuantan town. haha.. next day i had to fit in a big a$$ winner's podium in my small car , with the hood left open (dah tak boleh nak tutup!!) hihi. this year different committee and as well all already know, the event is cancelled on the 11th hour. what shame. same goes to Ironman Langkawi.. what a shame. but let's give hope, and chance aight

ok, crunch time…back to work !!!!! back to reality. 🙂

p.s. : Races I am looking forward to this year

1. MUDS (warm up for PD)

2. PD Tri

3. Desaru Tri

4. Penang Bridge International Marathon (it’ll be my 1st stand alone– outside IM where i did a 5:10 inclusive of diarrhea, cramp spray and food/photo stops)

5. Powerman Malaysia

and a few races which I have yet to register.

Races done for this year

1. Putrajaya Night Run 7km

2. Energizer Night Run 10km

3. Hash Harrier Off Road Marathon 46km

4. SAS Tioman Eco Challenge 26km

5. New Balance 15km

6. MALAKOFF Penang 26km


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