Sunday Morning chat with Ngae (9/5/09)

missjewelz & Ngae , Bukit Aman, 9/5/09 .

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  1. A guy full of motivating & inspiring stories but never bitch nor complain about how bad life/race situation is. He just trod along & take it as another obstacle in life… afterall, whats life without a few curve balls & detours. We should always be thankful when we are healthy so that we can appreciate life when we are sick. I would rather have broken bones, tanned skin, ugly toe nails, damage hair etc. when they lay me to rest, because I can proudly tell my Maker that not a single day that I’m not grateful of the health that You have blessed me. I am blessed that You have given me an able body (a few broken bones is the witness), I am blessed that you have given me a healthy skin (a few panda patchmark & damage hairs are the testament to that), a good pair of legs (crack & black toe nails swears on that). I may not win any races, I may not ride the best bike, I may not wear those hi-tech shoes but I am not really far from you…. I am grateful with what I have and so should you. So, lets go out & enjoy these health… lets run like how kids run whenever we take them to the park. Please, please, please leave your i-dont-think-i-can attitude safe in that shoe box somewhere in the basement. Most of us are not going win any race anyway. My advise, train to participate & you will enjoy all the races because IF you train to win, you might as well watch astro & keep on dreaming…….

    Rest in Peace my friend, I know that your Maker will be proud of the legacy you left behind.

    1. salam. Nice 1 Azmar !! i ryke !! naik bulu roma baca ! 🙂 thanks for sharing ur thoughts. yeah, Ngae..simply him… as he said himself.. “simple people..with simple mind..”

      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

  2. I had read and heard a lot about this giant of a personality but I met him in person for the 1st time a week after SCKLM 09(my 1st marathon). After 15 minutes I felt like I had known him all of my life. When asked for advice about Triathlons(I was new to this) he told me all the “silly mistakes” he made at his 1st tri in PD for all to laugh at, so I could learn from that. I ran beside him at the Jog for Hope/Taylors Hartamas 09 and you could hear all the young ones go “Gasp! Wow! Sarong Power Bar… NO SHOES!!!” as bro Ngae overtook them. I disctintly remember the sound of his barefeet treading the tarmac. As we ran past the Wilayah mosque the sharp hardened concrete spilled on the roads made it a bit tricky for a barefoot runner and he urged me to go on ahead. I crossed the finished and was very surprised to be told I had come in 1st in the Vets category. Totally did not expect this. T’was my 1st(ever and probably only ever) win in a race… and I owe this all to Bro Ngae!!

    Much more than that though, he lived his dreams and encouraged those around him to live theirs too and yes…,count yr blessings always!

    Will always be inspired and carry his memory with me at the races!

    Still missing him but moving on in his honour!

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