Wanting to write..but..

I don’t remember when was the last time I took part in sports events for 5 weekends consecutively. And for the 1st half of this year I’ve done at least 6 races. So it was the Penang 26km (30th May) the recent weekend, Ngae’s Memorial Run the week before (not exactly a race) (23rd May), New Balance 15k the week before that (16th May), SAS Tioman Eco Challenge 26km before that(8th May), and the Hash offroad Marathon gila-challenge (damn challenging) the week before that(1st May). So there.

I have not updated race reports for the last 3 races I’ve done. Simply do not have the time to write .. !!!! For starters , here are few fotos from the past few weeks of racing.  Will certainly update once I have the luxury of time aight.

1/5/2010 : Winners of the Hash Harrier Marathon (46km). Out of 30 teams, only 5 teams made it to the finish, within cutoff as a complete team. Damn tuff. In fact , tougher than the Tioman Race

9/5 : Nonetheless, my 1st open water swim after AGES. (last one was PD last year..).Swam day after the race (Tioman race was on Saturday). Thanks Nazmi for the photo. Nasib baik stroke tangan tak kantoi kan. LOL. I really enjoyed swimming in the South China Sea checking out em corals and coral fish. More stories about this swim session in my Tioman Race (next up).

8/5 : River of bliss : those who ran with only a bottle of mineral throughout the tough varied terrain (plus the gaung, pokok duri, batu besaq mcm killer whale) did suffer... Organizer can should improve on that.. I mean on managing the water stations. Met some new friends along the way. Zulazlan (in blue vest) is also a blogger. Nice to meet you Alan (orange vest) and Ahmad (white t-shirt)

16/5/2010 : My annual must-race race NB15K (and also GE30K, now NB30K). Photo courtesy of mr Chan Wing Kai. Been taking part in this race since 2006. My time for this race, is EXACTLY the same as last year's time. Came to the race under prepared. So, not really a surprise.. Time 1:32:26. Last year's time >> 1:32:26. Ranking #24 out of 296 runners in the Open Category. Split time , 48:18:64. 1:32:16. Pace 6min 9sec/km. <<- decided not to push it. lotsa downhills along d course. holding it back for the knees..!

23/5/2010 : Ngae Memorial 'sarong' run. Amacam, ada style tak potong tembikai? hahah..sponsored by Digi + Powerbar. (just kidding!). Did a 10k in sarong, sub 1hr, in sarong yo !!! Double hill route.

30/5/2010 : My 1st Penang 26km last Sunday. The course was rolling + hilly the 1st 6km. Memang layan.Sorry don't have the exact course profile. But I must say that this one of the best and well organized racing event ever, in Malaysia ! Kudos to Pacesetters for organizing it ! Time 2:31:00(including loo time) , pace 5min 48sec/km, Placing 8 out of 93 runners (Women Open). Its not easy to get top 10 la. Still loads of improvement to be done to get back into shape and improve there on. Not rushing to it though. Easy does it.One thing at a time. Just like Ironman training. 🙂 *wink!* Next race that I'm looking forward to is the KL Marathon. will be doing the half. in case you didn't know I haven't done any stand alone marathon before. Penang Bridge Marathon 2010 will be my 1st insyaAllah (God wills). The only marathon I did was in Iroman Langkawi last year, timing : 5hrs 10mins. My Langkawi race result here

And a new hair cut to top my weekend runs off. Been treating all the races as comeback races. Especially the 26km last week. It feels good to be back. Must be careful not to over train, over race. Plenty of rest, stretching and continue the smart training regime. Not wacking those mileage just yet.

Sayonara long hair. Actually felt much 'lighter' during the 26km run.. hihih.. Let's see if it gets any shorter than the photo of the new hair cut !


TO KASH (14hrs +), HAZA (14hrs +), NIK  FAHUSNAZA (ultra supporter !!! u da man!), YIP(sub 10 !!), FRANK CHONG (10.30 !!!),  AND ALL 2010 SUNDOWN ULTRMARATHONERS…., MISSJEWELZ WISHES YOU CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


p.s. Rais Omar , thanks for updating on the ultramarathoners !!

Kash, if you don’t mind.. (gambar curi.)

Looking at this photo and another close up one by Tey ... well, i can't generally describe it ..But Kash described it as an amazing and emotional journey (check out her blog run-kooky-run.blogspot). missjewelz salutes you Kash. p.s. i am wondering as i write this how come i didnt cry when crossing my maiden IM finish ! mmm.... i think 84km on foot is harder..!!!!!!!!

Haza Zean the Running Mom. Haza, sorry hafta pirate this photo from yer blog. One word : EPIC. missjewelz salutes you ! I wish and hope more and more Malaysian women will follow the courage and determination these 2 beautiful ladies, Haza and Kash have set ! 🙂 Congrats to both of u. missjewelz tumpang bangga 🙂 Haza's blog here : runningmom-haza.blogspot

I’ve never had more fun than the past 5 weeks of racing. Met a lot of new friends along the way. 🙂 Nice to meet all of ya (you know who you are). Keep on running. Never stop.

to my dear readers:  my SAS Tioman Eco Challenge + NB15K + Penang 26km race report SHOULD be up by this Thursday ! insyaAllah. I’ll keep em short. hopefully.


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    1. Yimster : very subjective a question. maybe because I haven’t thought of doing it. likely the same response I would give if you were to ask me 3 years ago why have I not done an Ironman before? or even a marathon. hihi. in the end, it roots down to one thing called CHOICE. 🙂

      p.s. : i have been writing but not enough to cover the past few races ive done. been writing a lot actually..if u notice. especially on my friend’s passing (Ngae)

      Ijam : yup, congrats !!!!

  1. ” … in the end, it roots down to one thing called CHOICE. ” – Missjewelz

    I like that very much!


  2. It is about Choice MissJ. No rights and no wrongs to it. So long we’re happy with the choice we’ve made. Yeah, I read about the mighty Ngae’s passing and your write up and run for him. Didnt want to bring that up as the mood was quite mellow (back then). Life still moves on one way or the other and I’m sure Ngae would have wanted that for everyone.

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