Ngae’s Cremation ..

As promised, some fotos from the late Ngae’s cremation last week..

The lady in white blouse and denim is Pin Pin, Ngae's widow, and their youngest daughter Xian is the one kneeling down. They headed the last respect for Ngae, followed by family members, and friends.
They had to perform 3 bows...
Pin Pin and Xian placing the joss stick in front of their beloved's potrait ..
The final look.. but certainly not the final touch., Ngae will always and forever be in their hearts.. Xian is 14 years old by the way..
Family members and relatives paying their last respect..
The coffin/casket people(sorry I don't know what exact term to use for them!) preparing for coffin to be taken to the van which will take it on its final journey to the cremation center next door...
Guests following the white Estima carrying Ngae's coffin to the cremation center next door. As you can see in the video, PinPin and Xian followed right behind the van, touching it, as though they're pushing and connected to it until it reached the cremation center.. very symbolic .. felt deeply for them..
The coffin being taken out from the white Estima for the final prayer ceremony before the cremation
One of those rare occasion..Tey without his precious lens. Substituted with a pretty flower during the service, and ..looking at his phone.
Tey and the flower again 🙂 The monks were chanting some prayers during which the guests were given a flower each. I got a white rose. After the prayer, we took turn to place the flowers on the coffin before it was pushed into the furnace.....
After the ceremony ended, guests had to wash their hands in a bucket filled with water and flower petals. A ritual to wash away bad omen and evil
Among those who came for the cremation.. (Pix snapped by Sofian.TQ!)
missjewelz and Sofian !

Xian, Pin Pin and missJeweLz.

A video dedication for Ngae..


16 thoughts on “Ngae’s Cremation ..

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    1. Michael : thank u also. i didn’t manage to say Hello to you during the the run/potluck breakfast. only detected you thru the photos. next time eh. yup, sad indeed… i can’t stop watching the video.. moved me also..

  1. So good of you to share. Missjewelz. Ngae will surely be missed. Such an inspiring character. Never knew that he was suffering so much and yet always smiling and encouraging others. But he had had a great and colourful life too! Farewell to a wonderful friend.

  2. Thanks so much Julie. I love your tribute. Am sending your link to my children and family if you are ok with it.

    1. aunty PinPin, sure ! i mean of course ! 🙂 the little that i can do for his tribute. take care .. it was really nice to meet you and Xian at the cremation.

  3. i was sadden when i heard the news this morning during a run in SJ stadium. I will definitely missed him, missed his love for running, missed his barefooted running style etc.

    he will always in our hearts, God bless him.

    1. Wong : those who knew him were all sadden and shocked with his passing. Our prayers will be with him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings of Ngae.


    1. he certainly has. thank you for dropping by all the way from Singapore sir ! truly appreciated

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