Shoes, Foot arch and Pronation


This is not suppose to be my ‘next’ post. But anyways.. I dreamt of Bob Marley last night. He was on a tour in Malaysia. LOL.. I wanted to take photo with him but he was too shy I guess ! And I actually sang his song Jamming to prove to him that I am his fan ! It must be the photos of my aunties with Schumy and Lionel Richie which triggered this odd but nice dream. Oh Bob, one truly inspiring icon, especially with the messages which he brings through his music.

Bob Marley


My green Brooks Cascadia

Pa'an, if ur reading this, ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR FINALS !!! Farhan @ Pa'an completed his 1st Ironman this year with the time of 14:21.

Mohamad Adreen Nujaid - you too !! good luck yek. and also to the rest of ur UPNM colleagues.

Nike. the pair which I bought 3 years ago and end up only using it once or twice. Not suitable for running. Walking, yes. Gym, yes. I forgot the model already. And haven't used it for ages.

Adidas Adiprene Climacool Gazelle - debuted during my GE30k last year. and also used it during Ironman

missjewelz at the Great Eastern 30k 2009. u can surely spot my blue shoes !

Which 1 do you fancy ? 🙂 I just got myself the racer T6 (the red one) and also trainer , Ghost (the green-silver-white one, right most.). For the racer I wanted to get the flourecent green one (Brooks Launch), but they didn't have my size (what to expect, kaki gajah!).
Brooks Launch - apparently 1 of their best sellers. its a racer, mind you,and a VERY comfortable one too. Love the cushioning.

I don’t have much knowledge on how to choose the right running shoes, so I shall leave it to the experts ! Or talk to Mr Peter Loh if you drop by Brooks, The Curve.



here’s mine

This photo is a bit deceiving coz i did not use a proper paper bag, which is softer compared this gift paper bag. It is suggested to use a paper bag for this test(the ones you get at the groceries/bakeries) Anyways,once glance to my foot you'll think I've flat foot. But since the Wet Test does not show my entire foot print, I do not have a flat(low) arch. I will have to repeat this test with a proper paper bag ! Still, with the test, and knowing what foot type I have, I have to do drills and training to correct my foot strike, gait etc. Been looking at a video during a recent trail run, of me running .. my running form needs improvement ! Planning to take the video when running at a treadmill, its easier to study the video. Verdict, have to do some correction to my foot strike and gait.

Compare the 3 foot prints below :

The far left picture shows the wet test of a person with a low arch, meaning they have either flat feet or a low arch and need shoes that will give thismajor support to correct the gait and prevent injury. The middle picture shows a person with a normal arch, and this type of arch just needs support. The far right picture shows a person with a high arch and this type of arch usually needs a lot of support to help correct the gait. Now, knowing what your arch is and what type of runner you are gait-wise, we can finally get to the types of shoes. There are four types of shoes. Neutral Cushioning, Motion Control, Stability, and Trail are the four major types. With your arch and gait known you can find out what shoes are made for your combination. Read more:


RUNNING SHOE FINDER – Runners World << recommended after you’ve done the Wet Test

and if you have to time to check out these video, please do . It’ll show you how different type of pronators (over/under/normal) land their foot during running :



Normal pronation

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