Last Week : In Pictures

Tuesday trail run. Less than an hour.
Wednesday : Catching up with my reading on the rocks
Blue sky, green hills, calm water, rocks.. my beanie hat and a smile. 🙂


Titian kayu di pinggir laut
Sepohon kayu..

Meet Bern, my friend since I was 15 ! 🙂

1,2 cha cha cha.. 3, 4 cha cha cha.. to side now.. to the side now..cha cha cha !
Poot Poot Chew !

The slow runners. Jason and the rest have headed back to Gelora while I was busy taking photos at the beach. 🙂 Next to me, Chew + Azrul. My east coast running kakis.
Akin, Azrul + Ms Soh 🙂
missjewelz + miss soh
Yamcha at the new Old Town White Coffee at Jalan Beserah near SABS
Yamcha with my Kuantan kakis at the new Old Town White Coffee at Jalan Beserah. From left; Miss Soh, Sharon Yap, William , myself + Jimmy Panjang

lovely Sharon + William

Yunie's 11th birthday ! 🙂 Bought her a cake since her family did not get her one. She brough some snacks to school to share with her friends though.Every little girl deserves to feel special on their birthday. She was excited when I came ! She's in her pyjamas coz already bedtime ma.. but since kak Julie is coming, she had to wait. 🙂 Yunies is my friend's youngest sister
Just a small Blackforest cake with cherries on top !

Yunies, her mom, myself + Yunie's brother; Islahuddin. She has 5 other elder brothers and 1 elder sister !!
Happy Birthday Yunies. The present came later after the cake was finished. 🙂 Surprise surprise !

Thursday : Ijan + Pok Ya @ChrisHoy Pantai Timur - makan2 after our bike ride to Sg Lembing was cut short. Only managed a 20k (of super rolling hills)

Lutfee, up and coming time trialist from Pahang
ex state cyclist + race organizer mr Mazlan @ Lan. He organized the recent Sg Lembing MTB Challenge. Upcoming event, a 160km offroad fun ride in June @ Taman Negara. Click on my previous post for the detail !

Yunies- a little prayer before makan(eat)
Makan... I had 3 rounds of rice. Food was so good ! 🙂
Thursday : Just one more time before leaving the east hood..
Friday : Plank time at the gym

Saturday : Ran at Lake Garden 🙂 I am so unfit !

Nope, not my ride. 🙂 its pretty funky n sweet tho

A bottle with a filter !! coolness. only at Bike Pro.
A gift from Boon Foo to me ; the Penan Bangle !!! (made from rattan).

Congrats !!! My friend Nazmi with his ultra RED ride ! 🙂
Sunday : Azmar - setting his GPS before we began the trail run at FRIM

Starting em young. 🙂

10k trail run ! fun !!

My life is made up by pillars and columns of family, loved ones, friends and those who I’ve met, said hello and goodbyes to. Loves love. And hates hate. Life is too short to waste on people who do not deserve you. It does not take a lot to be happy, as you can see through the photos here. Wake up and choose to be happy. Easier said than done. But what’s harder is refraining the bad times from coming. Coz you don’t know when they’ll come. They just show up and you gotta be ready. My 2 cents; Love your life and life will find its way in loving you back. Amen. Peace Love +  Harmony

F.L.O.W.E.R. by missjewelz. L.E.T. I.T. B.L.O.O.M my artistic side much..LOL

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    1. i agree with ya ian. swim bike run makes it longer + adds the fun. ur doing kapas marang this week rite? all d best


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