Reminiscing Desaru Tri 2008

Swim start. Plenty to catch up with fellow friends. Yakkity yak. 1/2 IM what? 😛

Cheery to get over the nervous feelin..? I guess. A bit 🙂

Out of the water from 1st loop of swim. 2 loops were required 🙂

In for the 2nd loop. Check out the water. It felt like swimming in a washing machine !

One of my favourite photos.Exiting the swim leg into T1. Picture courtesy of Rahimi Abdullah. 🙂 And he gave me the Powerbar trisuit (my 1st !) p.s. this foto was not edited. The Powerbar beach flags did stand out.

Looking happy ! A 1hr 57mins 1/2 marathon after 90km of bike. Luvvit.

My 2008 Desaru exploits here and here


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