The Shoe Store Joke

relative : hi juliana how are you? i wanna get a running shoes, what brand should i get? the best for long distance

juliana : Heyya. I suggest that you go to Brooks, Lot 204, 2nd Floor, The Curve (Tel. 0377258775). Look for Peter Loh and he’ll detail you with the information needed to get you the right pair of running shoes. Quite a selection which you can choose from actually. Or else his assistant is as good.Tell them you need a pair of trainers. Not racer.


juliana : I mean his assistant is as good giving you shoes selection tips !!! (typo much..? LOL..)

*when language matters.

Among the things I enjoy in life : A Sunday morning run and the sweat post running (yeah, usually my sweat starts coming out after I finish running! Especially after easy runs..hahaha..)

Ehem... the Vibram !

A Closer Look : Vibram Five Fingers

Me and the strong Tonton at LTDL !

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    1. Yimster : i was tying it on. Vibram belongs to a runner I met @ Bkt Aman after my run. just felt like a shoe glove. didnt feel like wearing an actual shoe. its suppose to simulate the effect of running bare footed just that this one is not actually ‘bare’ coz u have some protection. just a bit..

      fivefingers ideology:

      “Natural gait is biomechanically impossible for any shoe-wearing person.” Dr. William A. Rossi in Podiatry Management

      Wearing Vibram FiveFingers is more than a choice of footwear. It demonstrates trust in our body’s natural ability to handle physical demands without heel wedges, gels, air, pronation control, ankle support or rockers.

      We are designed to walk, run and play.. barefoot. There is no secret that allows the Masai to move with such effortless grace, just a lifetime of barefoot movement. With this understanding of how we are made, we can liberate ourselves from the ideology that has most of us wearing shoes before we can stand.

      FiveFingers are the first performance footwear that don’t try to alter your foot’s natural movement, but allow all the benefits of going barefoot with a gecko-like grip and protection from the elements

  1. i have the exact same pair. it’s great but most of my friends have stress fractures wearing them. i personally love it.

  2. mana nak cari that shoe? lawak gak tgk.. kalo ada kaler kulit sure org tgk ingat pakai kaki ayam je hehehehe

  3. hi julie,

    i bumped into you that sunday morning when i was running along street near padang merbok area towards bukit aman.. i guess u were about to start running by that time..

    1. CRusshio : erk…which 1..? there were quite a few runners which I passed. but i think i can guess which 1 was u. fair skinned..? uhmm..not so tall… ke?

  4. behind u lah, not beside u (4th picture, white hair, checkers short sleeve shirt)’ll get it. Anyway, will challenge you into a duel whenever i bump into you next race. Chap ayam run? bomba run? subang jaya run?

    1. duel? dont think so la. hahah.. not fit at d moment. plus im not up to ur league la. i lari macam pace penyu je ma. pick a guy thats as strong as u are la. hihihi. 🙂 thanks for asking anyways. 🙂

      I’m doing my bit to tackle Global Warming. Join other members who are making a difference

  5. ahhh..u bought oredi the vibram? jealous.mind sharing with me where did u get those?? last i check its USD75++ or GBP84++. and no local outlet 😦

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