Energizer Night Run 2010 – photos

I am in the process of uploading the pictures taken last night at my online album http://missjewelz.shutterfly.com

The event official photographer website here : http://snap-attack.com

Thank you !!

4 thoughts on “Energizer Night Run 2010 – photos

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  1. Yeah. took a water from you at the first water station during the 10K run. didn’t realized until ran past. Then try to catch up with you when you made your way to the next water station. They key word is “try” to catch up. No chance to say hi.

    1. u did ?? actually i dont remember also la !!!! hahah.. i hope u can find ur foto in the album ! how did u do ? and thanks for dropping a comment. very much appreciated !

      1. Nah…I am a total beginner in running. Can’t even do 1km last sept. Also recovering from cycling injury.

        A slow time of 73min. But do enjoy the event. Could be better organized, but great fun.

        1. i see.still a lot more room for improvement and i hope you’ll do it wisely ! 🙂 hope you recover well from the run ! i myself need to improve my fitness. so unfit at the moment la

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