Unlimited. Really?

Trying to be positive here. Time is constant. Time is unlimited. I have a lot of things to do (this does not give an excuse to me not to update my blog). Yeah, just like you people out there, when you’re rushing around completing projects, preparing reports, attending meetings, if you’re not careful you’ll just be in the time-vacuum trance. As in, the world is spinning around you, and yet you manage to vacuum it out. So what’s left within you and that ‘wall’ adjacent to you, is just you and your world of work. You cut the time to relax, to have a proper meal, sleep, errr..shower, you find it hard to even flip through the stack of mags which you bought the week before at Borders. I got myself a few books which I’ve yet startedΒ  reading. Magazines, self-helps, picto-biography of Hitler, what else…some book on critical thinking, another book on how to cook! (ha, gelak!) A Photoshop book. I’ve found indulgence in books since I was a child, thanks to my mum who got me a book from Times every time she goes out.

I haven’t even got to upload the Ironman photos or compile the cd album I promised my friends. I’m in the ‘zone’. Final lab report due tomorrow, personnel research on Monday, career clinic report next week and my finals are less than 2 weeks away. I won’t apologize if my posts are just too random , crappy or irregular. I can feel I am cutting out things else even though I might not like it. Just at times, I do not have a choice but not to answer that phone call when I think its unimportant. Or play online games. I only play Bejeweled Blitz online, that’s it! Those rantings on my online space or short posts here in this blog is just a method of easing of some of the stress or fatigue that’s accumulating in me over time.This is a personal space which I decided to share with all of you dear readers and fellow bloggers, enter with your own risk and I am not liable for any neurons , synapse or even cardiac muscle damage in the course of you scrolling through these pages.

What else have I been up to..? haha.. i was looking at the speed suit which I wore during Ironman Langkawi last year. I said to myself, ‘Ni kalau pakai ni, confirm tak muat !’. LOL. Meaning, “affirmative if i slip this speed suit on, it wont fit”! Talking about ‘fit’…. ‘fitness’… <– I am in the process of regaining my fitness conscious. Yeap, its been in hibernation too long.Did some cycling last week with Upiq. And later this week might do a short trail run.

Other than that, been in the ‘zone’. I just have to bear this for the next 3 weeks, and after that…all hell break loose. I will be back. I will. Not that I’ve been anywhere. But back being more active participating in sports. InsyaAllah. Slow and easy. My 1st race will be in May, an offroad marathon !! πŸ™‚ and week after might do the Tioman Challenge. That pretty much depends on my condition after the marathon.

My next big race will be my 2nd Ironman next year, insyaAllah. Last year I did it. This year skipped. And this year will be just perfect for me to do my ‘homework’ before February 26, 2011. I heard from a friend that the start won’t be in Jetty Kuah next year. Let’s see what the organizers will announce later on.

Ahha, one more thing…what do you people think of delaying a good news…To me, it is as good as no news. Sudah basi !! You will feel demotivated when your pay is delayed (right?).. or when a praise is not due (come on…).. or when someone thank or apologizes to you a neon/light year after when he/she should have done it. Uhmm. Think about it. My 2 cents, if there are any good news, don’t delay it. I have sort of some good news going on but it has not been officially confirmed to me. It has been delayed..You may not know wth I’m talking about. but see..? are you not starting to feel eager to know now..? say I will delay this news.. for another month. When it finally reaches you, you might not feel or see any big deal to it. Well, 1 of my psychological rantings. May be applied in your everyday life, at work, home etc. πŸ™‚ Have a nice week ahead people!

Ready for the pics? πŸ™‚ I know u lyke pics. muahahahah !

Remember this kid ? πŸ™‚ He said, SMILE and carry on with ur life. Its just too short to be sooo sadistic nobody might notice

missjewelz and IM Chan Jun Shen's mum. πŸ™‚ A very nice lady indeed !

A young Ironman supporter. He waited at the run course (it was already on the 14-15th hour!), alone, in his purple baju Melayu and oh so cute smile. Tabik spring sama ini adik. πŸ™‚ That's my cap there on his head. πŸ™‚ and me looking all red like a lobster.

Meet my new friend, Haikal Taufik bin Halim, 11. He is in Darjah 5 Mawar, Sekolah Seri Negeri, Jln Penarak, Langkawi. Class teacher : Pn Norhayati. Asked him for his phone number/address so that I can contact him but my friend dont remember his address. When asked if he likes Ironman, and would like to participate in a triathlon, he said 'Yes'. When asked if he likes to run or bike, he said 'Yes'. When asked if he knows how to swim, and if he knows of any swimming pools in his area, he said 'No'. I promised him that I will write in to him. Since I don't have his home address, I've to ermm..write to his school to reach him. πŸ™‚ He wants to do triathlon remember ? πŸ™‚ nice meeting you adik Haikal !

me and the UPNM boys who did Ironman Langkawi this year. Fr. left; Chan Jun Shen, missjewelz, PaΓ‘n, Sham πŸ™‚ Congratulations guys !!!! p.s. medal tahun ni awat la kecik sgt kan..? last year's was beautiful ! an eagle of a medal !
There, the majestic eagle IM medal. #651 NOR JULIANA ALI . F,25-29. MAL. 13:42 baby !! Next year, repeat or BETTER repeat !!!!

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