John Legend and Estelle Does Reggae

If you’re a Bob Marley , UB40 and happen to be a John Legend die hard fan, I am definitely sure you will love this beautiful tune by Legend ft. Estelle. A beautiful collaboration by these two amazing artists with a plentiful zest of Jamaican reggae tunin’, you will be able to dance by yourself across the living room, half laughin’  half cryin because the song is just so perfect. Especially if you’re reggae at heart.  There’s definitely some Bob Marley and UB40 in this song. If you have a good sound system in your car, or at home, be sure to turn the vol up ! 🙂 So to all reggae fans out there, here’s 1 for ya ! Enjoy !!!!

Here are a few photos. The 1st during sunset a week ago in Langkawi (gambar dalam gambar. i  asked the couple to pose for me actually!), and the following few were taken during sunrise in Cherating, Kuantan a couple of years ago.

"..Feeling that I can't resist."-John Legend, No Other Love-

"I wanna love you every day and every night" - some reggae lovin' by Bob Marley in 'Is This Love'

Beautiful innit ??! another masterpiece 🙂 Cherating 2005

To wrap this up, 1 of my favourite UB40 tune. 🙂


Still not the feelin the lovely reggae goosebumps ? Go freakin’ take ur laptop to a quiet corner, put on the headphone/turn the volume up a bit, or if you’re using a computer, just silent everything out except for your speakers.. ready? Now click PLAY in the video below . This 1 has lyrics so you can sing along and dance to it. Make sure you dance okay ?! 🙂 Hail to all of ya. Peace love and harmony yo’. We live only once. Embrace it. Love it. -mj-


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