Fellow Ironman Admitted To The Hospital

Got the news through brother Tey Eng Tiong ultramarathoner/photographer. IM YAP ENG LEONG (IM BIB NO. #318) is currently in the Incentive Care Unit, Gleneagles. He is admitted due to dengue. Yap Eng Leog is a 40 year old (++) , and finished the recent Ironman at 16:36:47. He was suspected to be affected by dengue during the Ironman race itself , nearly gave up during the run leg (that 42.195km by the way after 3.8km swim and 180km bike) , but he kept up his spirit and went all the way to finish the this tough race.  He is also one of the pacers for IM Yanawaga Harumi (the Japanese Ironman IM BIB NO. #34). Sam San is another pacer for Yanaawaga.  For your info, IM Yap is a strong swimmer and finished top 5 at the Kapas Marang swimathon.

The platelet level of IM Yap is 18. Any point below 20 critical as there would be massive internal bleeding. In case you don’t know what dengue is, click here and platelet here. And of course there will be abnormal count also for other blood cells.  Let us all pray the best for our friend here and that he will be as strong fighting the dengue, as strong , if not stronger, as he has shown during his Ironman race.

Yap Eng Leong (left most. in white tshirt)

Race number 318 : Yap Eng Leong. Race #34 are pacers for the blind Japanese Ironman (blue swim cap)

Get well soon Yap .

and thank you  to Tey for the info and photos.


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