Ironman Langkawi 2010 – end

The event has finally draw its curtain after a 17 hours jam pack of action and dramas 🙂 I have around 1200 fotos but won’t upload them till tomorrow.  I will upload them at my Shutterfly online album tomorrow night , hopefully.

A special shout out to all my friends who finished the Ironman, CONGRATULATIONS !!! To those who DNFed, there is always another time. 🙂

I am exhausted, sleepy, my voice is still croaky. AND I  did not use it as an excuse not to shout and cheer on the other competitors. And the next time I do an Ironman, my guess is that I will appreciate more when anyone supports and cheer for me.

Another special shout out to the Ironman virgins who finished their 1st Ironman, CONGRATS !!!!  Ezer, Suye, Paán , Sham and MO !!!!  🙂 ok, missjewelz needs to sleep now….zzzzz…….. good night Langkawi !

P.S. : cut both my toes at one of the hills on the bike course while cheering , supporting and taking fotos. Tripped on this 20cm wood with sharp (as in really) bled but i just left it to dry and haven till now washed it.. will do it quickly before I sleep.. lets see if i can wake up early tmrw morn for a quick reflexology before heading to the airport. Had some nice, funny and other memorable experience too today.. zzzz….(sleeping time!)


Hafiz Wong heads out of T1

#34 Blind Japanese athlete Yanawaga Harumi of Japan (blue helmet) on the tandem. Sam San at the front. Finishing time 16:25
#224 Zbynek Svehla of Czech Republic. Finished at 14:18. Congratulations !


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