Ironman Langkawi Malaysia : Update 10

Barry Lee, 2nd Malaysian to cross finish line at 10:23. Guy is only 21 years old !!

Barry Lee (crossing the finish line proving himself as the 2nd best Malaysian after veteran Hafiz Wong. Lee's splits : 1:05:46(swim)5:21:10(bike)3:52:05(run) 10:23:45 (overall)

Kimiko Senzai of Japan also just came in. 1st woman for the age grouper.And 1st overall for age grouper. So proud of her !!! She had 3hrs 25mins set on the marathon course. Fastest timing split for all women including the PROs!!

🙂 waiting for the 3rd Malaysian now.

Kimiko Senzai of Japan. She's not a PRO. She's an age-grouper. She came ALONE from Japan. She's humble, She wore PINK. She's happy. She rocks + knocked out a at least a few hundred guys on the course !!! Love the attitude + style ! Kimiko's splits : 1:04:29(swim)5:52:06(bike)3:25:08(run)10:26:24(overall)

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