Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 9

Hafiz Wong proving himself as the top Malaysian triathlete finishing at 10hrs 8mins . At the finish line waiting for d rest to come in.

Hafiz Wong crossing the finish line. A shy 8 mins from a sub 10 ! Congrats anyways !!! Wong's split : 01:13:51(swim) 05:03:21(bike) 03:47:00(run) 10:08:16(overall)

Simon Cross finishing at 10hrs 15mins 🙂

Super Ironman Simon Cross !! Those mind and body blowing training pays off. A big up and congratulations to you Simon !!!! On his side are his 2 kids :). Cross's split : 1:15:05(swim) 4:57:50(bike) 3:55:14(run) 10:15:11(overall)

Mummy's turn ! *sweet-ness*

And I just got to know that Luke McKenzie dropped on the bike and DNFed. A spectator who passed him described to me he was sitting at the junction heading to the small loop, with his chin resting on his hands ..stay strong Luke !!!!

2nd Malaysian yet to make their entrance at the finish line .

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