Ironman Langkawi 2010: Update 7

The first 4 PROs finished the race. 1st is the pro from Belgium (Marino) and 2nd is a pro from Japan. I don’t have the names with me now. But what is for sure; Luke McKenzie is not the top 4 for this year’s Ironman Langkawi. The blind Japanese Ironman on the tandem bike just passed me. I saw Major Kalam a while ago. I am definitely sure he is short of 1 loop because he is in T2 well ahead of the other guys who was in front of him on the bike course. Anyways, we will see. Got the info from Sam Pritchard 11 minutes ago (its now 4:50pm) dat Carmen Leong has finished her 2nd loop on the run and have another 3 loops to go.Teryn Tham and Karyan have already started running. Siok Bee DNFed or DQed. Let’s see how d Malaysian boys are doing. Hold on a bit if ur following this update.


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