Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 4

I made it on time to ‘listen’ to the age group start. The 1st and 2nd Pro came in around 48mins : Luke McKenzie & #12. For the local triathletes, among the first few to come out of the water; Mansor, Kevin Siah and Hafiz Wong. Out of T1 according to the sequence: Hafiz Wong, Simon Cross,Rahman,Heidilee,Raymond Tan,Randy Tan. Then came my good friend @ rival from Singapore; Teryn Tham. 🙂 she looked strong !! Yip, Dave Spence,Emma Bishop, Sofian Ismail,and Chan Jun Shen. Chan is part of the Powerbar Team Elite. Then came Kris Kha Krang,Carmen Leong. I am now on the bike course. The fast cyclists should be doing their 1st 90km. I saw Dino a moment ago. Passing Bukit Hantu now. Severity degree five. With some parts with 15 degree elevation. Just saw Yip !! Around 5 mins behind Dino. Ok, will update later. I’ve like 300 fotos already. Cheers

Chan Jun Shen heading out of T1. I caught him smiling on his way out *which is good* 🙂 Go Chan go !! Chan is going for his 3rd Ironman title! Apparently the youngest Malaysian to do that. He was recently selected to be part of the Powerbar Team Excel along side Hafiz Wong, Heidilee Mohammad, Rahman and myself.

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