Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 3

Had seafood for dinner last night. Manage to catch up with some friends for a last ALL THE BEST!!!’ before the head on to their hotels and zzzzzz…. I got to know that 1 of my friends who travelled all the way to Langkawi (after training so hard) couldn’t  participate because he did not officially register, On time. A lesson to all, we don’t want to mess up (ourselves) in IronTimes like this yeah. Hmm..Poor thing. Another triathlete (apparently a friend to  IM Sofian) twisted his ankle on his way to dinner 2 nights ago. The following morning, the ankles has swollen. Big time !! Hmm..  So again, lesson to all, just be extra careful before big races like this… I hope the guy has recovered in time. Will update again on this.

Carboloading for tomorrow.

Updates via twitter/phone. tata…

Less than 2 hours away to Ironman Langkawi 2010 start at the Kuah Jetty. 🙂 Around 700 participants will be making their way cross the swim start. I will be at the start and transition area for the 1st 2 hours there about before heading off for the bike  course.


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