Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 5

I’m still at the bike course. The flat stretch around the airport, 1-2km away from the special need station. Saw Simon Cross, Hafiz Wong . Both finishing their bike loop heading to T1. Yet to see Rahman, Dino, Yip, Kevin Siah and Chan Jun Shen. Pretty HOT here. Covering my foot (I’m wearing a sandal) with book cover I found. Most of the Pros have already reached T1 at this time.oh ok, Rahman just passed me. Around 10 mins or so behind Hafiz Wong. It will be interesting to see is the next Malaysian to finish their bike !! Wowww… Mansor guy just passed me. He was d 1st Malaysia out of the water this morning. Now ,4th Malaysian heading to T1. Will update more. Cheers

My friend Ishsal pulled out.

Ironman Langkawi 2010 : UPNM's Farhan Kamarulbahrin 01:33:23(swim) 06:26:15(bike) 06:13:25(run) 14:21:31(total). Tahniah Farhan !!!! Tahun depan insyaAllah kalau tak sub 13, sub 14 ok ! You can do it !!!
mj in da house !! it was blardyy hot out there ok. yet FUN ! lovin em heat. hihihi


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