Ironman Langkawi (pronounced ‘Lung-Cow-Wee’) 2010 : Update 1

Yeah, just arrived a couple of hours ago. :)A few fotos to start off with.

IM Hugo Goosen of Surinam (left). and IM Kimiko Senzai of Japan. Rank #1 for age group 25-29 in Ironman Langkawi 2009, time 11:00:31). Just landed @ the Langkawi airport. Hugo brought his family along !(not in foto)

Kimiko. Watch out for her ! I am hoping she'll break her 11hrs . SALOOTZ !! She told me its been hard to train in Japan as the weather is pretty cold at the moment. A humble age grouper, she said she loves racing in Langkawi. This year will be her 3rd outing in this land of the eagle ! Kona finisher ok !! She did 11:21 for Kona 2009. Time split: 27/W25-29 01:06:46 06:40:54 03:26:43 11:21:07 (check her run time !!!!!!!!! double tabik spring to this lady )

I met Hugo last year during a pre IM lunch at a friend's house. Hugo, FYI, took part in the 1984 Summer Olympics. Yeah !!(i was a freakin' 2 year old that time who just learned how to! ) He took part in the 100m back stroke event.IM Langkawi 2009 time, 7 minutes ahead of me, time 13:35. His 3.8km swim time is 1:01 !!!!!!! 1hr 1 minute !!!! A couple of minutes behind the PROs time (which the fastest was set Bryan Rhodes at 49mins 36sec) (foto is blur..sorry)

Karyan of Hong Kong will be doing her 1st Ironman this year. So, all the best lady !! 🙂 She's wearing the IM Langkawi 2010 tshirt. cool huh.. some flouresce going on there ! 🙂 and matches the room. + her bike too apparently. 🙂

Nicer colour for the race number but material still s**ks. Overall I would give a C+. Last year would be a D. 🙂 Now, that is Karyan's race number not mine eh. I am only supporting. observing, analyzing, studying and updating on the event this year.

ok, i want to upload more pics but so sleepy already lah. race briefing at Hotel Langkasuka tmrw morning at 10.30am. Keep yerself updated hiyah ok 🙂


7 thoughts on “Ironman Langkawi (pronounced ‘Lung-Cow-Wee’) 2010 : Update 1

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  1. Great blog, great updates and looking forward to more! I wish there was more media coverage of one of the few international sporting events in Malaysia.

    What time does the race actually start?

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