Ironman Langkawi 2010 : Update 2

Woke up  quite early this morning despite a late night uploading the fotos (slow internet connection!) and sharing some updates. I am still recovering for my fever. Had a mean tonsillitis 3 days ago, which magically disappeared a day after. Body’s reaction is for me to have that , I mean, this fever. I sensed it the moment I had a sore throat.And now the temperature has gone down, the sore throat seems to be taking time to resolve. That leaves me the luxury of havin’ a croaky but sexy no husky voice. I kinda like it tho.LOL !!

Anyways, did some strolling by the beach this morning. I have quite a lot of fotos but I don’t think I will uploading them now. The plan was to walk/run for an hour before heading for breakfast. And then later meet up with friends at the pre race briefing. Check out the bike course , lunch, rest etc.

Some fotos I took at Pantai Cenang :

Sunrise in Langkawi

A local jogging on the beach pointing towards his grandchildren who were having fun on the beach themselves. Must be a proud grand daddy.I am proud to see Malaysians living their life healthily.
Cucu-cucu Tok ! (pronounced 'choo-choo'). Cucu-cucu(plural) or cucu(singular) is Malay for grandchildren. 'Tok' means grandfather.


Somebody pointed out in my blog before that the official Ironman Langkawi website is rarely updated, if any. The tentative venue for race briefing is at the Langkasuka Hotel, the same place like last year. Went there no one. Got the info from Arif and Kam (both doing Ironman) that it is at the Seaview Hotel. Anyways, just made it on time to listen to the race rules and some other important things that need to be relayed to the participants. The hall was full. And everyone were seated nicely on the carpeted floor. Saw Hafiz Wong Abdullah, and quite a number of friends who are either repeating Langkawi or here for their first Ironman.

Oh here, there will be 35 slots for Kona from this race. 🙂 And those who qualifies will have to pay USD550 to secure that slot if they decide to go. The race course would be the same as last year. 1.9km out and 1.9km in for the swim. Starting point is at the Kuah Jetty. I told Karyan if she doesn’t want to thread water, she can always do a pontoon start ! 🙂 more reason to be posing for the camera up to the last few minutes before race start !

Race briefing at Seaview Hotel

Many familiar faces in here including 4 Ironman virgins (Elicia Su Yee,Esmen, Razak(ajak) and Chew). Also in the foto if you can spot them; May Senn, Arif Sidek, Chris Kha Krang, Raymond Ng, Jason Hue (photogrpaher), Lee Puh Heng


Ironman/Ultraman Omar Yip. Race number 163

IronLadies in da house !!!! ok, i totally forgot Dave Spence ! 🙂 Fr left: Siok Bee + friend, Dave Spence, Jennifer Ng and missJeweLz


P.S. : body temperature has settled down a bit. but (obviously) not the Langkawi heat. had to drink every 5 minutes and still feel my throat dry thats how HOT ittis here.(39 degree C). it was cloudy around 2ish but i guess the weather has its on lil way playin around with was extremely hot rest of the day. The Langkawi heroes are all set ! Bring it on !!


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