Loving Paramore

Frankly, if it wasn’t for Twilight, I wouldn’t have noticed this superb and ultra cool band. Any Paramore fans out there? This band is simply funky, grunge, hip and innovative, all blended in one. Say the combination of vibes of the Evanescence, Radiohead and  Linkin Park ? The vocalist of the band , Hayley Williams, can surely sing live. That is a 1 big up for this band. Some artists even they have sold millions of record can’t sing live ! *think Taylor Swift..* while some eventually forget how to sing *think Baby One More Time*.. The band seems to have a positive attitude going on. The non-diva attitude. So two thumbs up !

Anyways, here’s to Paramore and all you Paramore fans out there. 🙂 Turn your volume up ! If you’re at work, use your ear/headphone ! *chuckles*

Paramore’s video for ‘crushcrushcrush (LIVE)’ from their album, The Final RIOT!

Crushcrushcrush – Official Music Video

Other bands that I listen to + some of my fav. songs frm them ; the Chronology ;

The Animals(House of the Rising Sun)

The Platters(Only You/The Great Pretender/Twilight Time)

The Beatles (Yellow Submarine/Hard Day’s Night/Eleanor Rigby)

Bob Marley & The Wailers(Jammin’/Stiff Necked Fools/Redemption Song)

Jackson 5(ABC/Never Can Say Goodbye/Ben)

Queen(Bohemian Rhapsody/Another One Bites The Dust/We Will Rock You)

Pink Floyd (Comfortably Numb)

Aerosmith (I Don’t Wanna miss a thing/Dream On/Crazy)

UB40 (Kingston Town/Breakfast in Bed/1 in 10)

The Strokes (Last Night/ Reptilia/Automatic Stop)

-old skool still rocks. right? 🙂 –

p.s. I was offended big time earlier today and THOUGHT that I wanted to ramble about it here, but nah.. our lives are already stresses and jammed up at the moment. To be fair to myself + all you lovely readers of missjewelz.wordpress.com, i rather you guys + gals bang your head to this song than to the wall then digest my serious + sad + annoying story. muahahah.. Peace Love & Harmony folks.


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