Counting down

Yeap, I am counting down .. June 20th.. time flies by so swiftly I hardly have time to take a breather. Its getting busier and busier nowadays as I prep up for this FINAL countdown. Patience is thus, my friend, virtue. It is annoying when people,  suddenly comes up and ask why this, and why that, why are you taking so long to..bla bla bla..  Allo mate. Chill la. Don’t ask the whys of the story if you don’t know the story. You with your life pace, me with mine. I can’t be breathing my days and sleeping my nights to live up to people’s expectation. Because the last time I did, (you can’t imagine the consequence..), it consumed a whole decade of my short life. And here I am. And its June soon. Where ever we are in our career path, whether its one step ahead of our peers or 23 steps behind them, in the end, it doesn’t matter. As long as your happy, it should be fine. If you’ve been working like forever but still have low job satisfaction or commitment, and trouble balancing it with your life, I wouldn’t be impressed either. Do you know of the story about the fisherman and the millionaire? As long as its clear to you what you want, it wouldn’t matter what people think of you. Put on your thinking cap and think about it..

It’s not like if you’re running a kilometer ahead of me that I can’t catch up . Patience and strategy is the key. Start slow, pace up in the middle, and finish fast. I can almost envision myself repeating that last 300m dash at my 1st Ironman.. Where did I get that energy from ..? Lately I’ve been touch with my girls from CBN, and also a schoolbus mate from our neighboring school, the infamous St Johns ! LOL !It was sooo nice to catch up..reminisce the old golden times.. hahaah.. fun .. and nice too. I am much attached to my childhood past due to the beautiful and strong memories I have. I owe it to my childhood , and of course my parents’ upbringing, in shaping and moulding the person I am today. LOLness again..Amy reminded me last night during our dinner cum reunion, that I like to pull pranks on my classmates !  Yeap, begitu nakal this kid. Just kid-nakal, but not evil.. we had a batch mate named Tong L* Fe**.. I don’t remember what happened..but Amy told me I got into a quarrel with her, and I was like telling everyone, dont call her Tong L* Fe**, but call her Tong Sampah.. adoii… hahaha.. I was naughty at school..I brought my small tortoise (those mini, smaller than ur palm size) to school, in my pocket ! Class time I had to put them on the desk so that they can take a breather and walk about the desk surface. Come break time, I was shoving the innocent little creature (may ur sould rest in peace) into my friends’ faces !

Ok, ok..i won’t start transcribing the whole of my childhood memoirs here. I just love it, and will continue to love it.  CBN rocks !!!

missJeweLz, Alina, Amy and Amera

missJeweLz, Fi, Kel and Ayesha


Back to school
Down memory lane

View from the Red Hall : 1989


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  1. heheh .. I hold on to the same story of Fisherman and Millionaire also. I told my peers about it too.

    All the best julie, I now u will do very well. All sportspeople are really smart, myself included … kihkihkih

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