According to what I read on my FB wall, a Klang Pacer runner, passed out at the 15km mark during the Putrajaya night marathon, fell on his face, was rushed to the Putrajaya hospital and passed away at the hospital due to heart attack. I AM STILL CONFIRMING these details with Kelvin Ng, another fellow runner who knows about this case. I just called him a few moments ago (6.34AM, 8/2/2010), (while drafting this post), and according to him the 43 year old, ill fated runner is from the Klang Pacers. Kelvin will inform me once he knows the name of the deceased, so that I can put here in my blog, and more importantly that the condolence can be addressed to the family of the runner right away. May his soul rest in peace. I will write more on this after I get further details.

12:03pm, 8/2/2010

Confirmation : the name of the runner is Yau Sze Chow, of Subang.

This is not the first time we’ve heard of life casualties during sporting events. . Will take another post to share my comprehending and analysis of this subject matter. Mean time, lets all have a moment of silence (if you’re reading this) to offer prayer to Yau Sze Chow.


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  1. Some of my runner friends saw this and there was blood (presumebly from the fall) and paramedics giving CPR before being shifted off into an ambulance.

    Codolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace.

    1. Yimster : yeah, i heard he fell and crashed his face on the tarmac.. its pretty scary to hear about this. what ever it is, its our responsibility that we take preventive measures, no matter what. now, can we imagine the risk for people who dont take care of their health at all? heart attack can happen to any1, and we gotta be cautious, selective and Healthy about the lifestyle we choose. be it our food nutrition, getting enough rest, sleep, laughs and time off. everything counts. health and life is precious.

  2. Another tragic death after Gary Leon Robert in Adidas last year. Do we know the cause? Was it fatigue, dehydration, or etc? There must be things we could learn from this.

    Thanks for sharing! This is a self reminder to me, to take it easy and enjoy my races.

    1. 1st night marathon marred with tragedy.. it’ll serve as a reminder to us all ..the living us ! do take care fellow friends. and take care of ur family too. regular med check ups, exercise, healthy balanced diet, and never underestimate the power of prayers. insyaAllah.

  3. Yau Sze Chow @ ‘chiew yan’ or superman in chinese is a badminton friend of mine. He is 47 to be exact and noe 43 as mention. He passed away due to heart attack. But he was a very very healthy person who loves badminton and riding bicycle to Genting, PD, etc etc.. Was shell shock too when i received the news. May you rest in peace bro! You are a legend to me.

  4. My wife and I was hoping that this fit uncle would be alright after the Putrajaya run.

    But it was really sad to hear about his departure.

    May he rest in peace.

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