Something to make you smile

Now, tell me how this kid can't make you smile. Innocent and happy. And it just takes a smile to show that he is indeed happy. This kid in the photo didn't just make me smile. He touched my heart. Friends, do live each day to the fullest. And I mean, the happiest. Nobody would care if you're miserable. So might as well be happy !

*photo taken from a fellow runner’s blog , and I believe the boy in the photos stays at the Solehah Children’s Home, Cheras,  a shelter for women and children with HIV. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Something to make you smile

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  1. his name is fairuz, now 11 years old, i think. abandoned by his family since he is hiv positive. very cheerful kid like the rest of rumah solehah’s kids.

    that reminds me, it has been a while since our last visit.

    1. Fong : i was touched too. im suggesting that we go visit this home 🙂 start something by ourselves and contribute the little but meaningful that we have. 😛 what say you?

      1. good idea. we should go there for a visit. Some of the ladies are alone and some have children in the home. What is certain is that they have all been rejected by their own families, regardless of how they were inflicted with the HIV virus in the first place.

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