This year will not be, like any other years.. I’ve been avoiding friends’ wedding, tunang, (except for a few). Not traveling much due to the time constrain. Acadaemia life expected to end by June insyaAllah. And after that, I’m keeping my options open of what I will do after that. I can imagine myself still being active (if not more active) doing the things that I love most, sports, and spreading this passion of mine; a healthy lifestyle for all.

At the moment, very busy..! At the same time, waiting for the announcement from Powerbar. Yes I am excited, and not really thinking about is because I’m pre-occupied with things to do the past couple of weeks, hardly any time for a breather. But yeah, when the results are out I will accept whatever it is. Whether I get an extension of the sponsorship, this time 2 years, or not.No problemo. And I do encourage all you reading this to apply for the next intake ! I will comment no more on this even though I have some ‘extra’ info on the results. Let’s just wait for the results eh. It’ll be announced somewhere in February, so do watch this space.

Ok, here, the next surprise, for myself….Ā  this message sent by an ex schoolmate of mine totally caught me by surprise…I mean…ME??

The message which made me smile !!! (in wonder)

So, here’s to you Di, in case you’re reading this. Uhm, I don’t know what to say , looking at the fact that I’m still …not there yet.. (in other words, havent earned any pay cheque yet lah!).. And to be nominated by my batch mate (9599 baby !!!) to be in the top 100 TKC Old Girls. I attended Tunku Kurshiah College back in high school. A prestigious premier all girls boarding school, located in Seremban, and recently listed in the top 20 top schools in Malaysia. And Di was explaining to me that the idea of having the top 100 Old Girls list developed after the announcement of TKC making it to the top 20 schools.Ā  And that the Old Girls from my age group , the 20s.. tak banyak compared to the 30s and above.So there..

Di knew (this part memang I terkejut) that I do sports; triathlon and the Ironman. Apparently she’s a colleague to Keat Seong , another triathlon friend who did Ironman with me last year. What a small world.Just so that I want to share this in my blog, because I never expected to receive such an honour. More honoured as it was from my batch mate who I haven’t met after 1999 ! (except for online). She gave me her number, and I called her right away. šŸ™‚ Thanks Di. I know I am not doing much as compared as the other more successful Old Girls; among them ;Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalill, Puan Seri Fauzah Mohd Darus, Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman and Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir !

I would be a speck of a golf ball next to the planet Saturn ! Of course I would love to continue in contributing, inspiring people and friends, to take up sports as a lifestyle , leisurely, or competitively. The modern living and the pace of urban life, or even in the rural area should never be an excuse for us to not take care of our health. And its good that there are more and more running races organized in this country apart from other types of sports (duathlon/triathlon/adventure) which are also in the rise. And all these are fun too. (Of course it is !!). You get to meet people, socialize in the healthiest way possible, exchange knowledge, experiences, the makan after.. !

Di asked me to email her my CV ! hahah… so that’s my next assignment.. an interesting one šŸ™‚ And I’m still dazed. Terharu.. šŸ™‚ Arigato gozaimas !


Our 1999 English Drama backdrop šŸ™‚ No, I didnt paint this (i suck at painting). I was doing costumes, and lending some of my clothes/fancy vests for the cast !
undi lah MJ..hihihih.. (like duh!).


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  1. Syabas, I’d have nominated you if I had heard of it. šŸ™‚
    You deserve it. IM is not for the layperson, plus all the great things you have done to spread the love for healthy living.

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