Ironman Langkawi 2010 : my list !

Quite a list of things to do by this Sunday.. Trying hard not to procrastinate. Might cycle later in the evening. Makan, continue work.. At the same time I’ve been compiling the list of my friends doing the Ironman Langkawi this year. This year I will take it from a different perspective observing, analyzing..and again, compiling some data here and there.. 🙂 If you read my small analysis for the Powerman Malaysia last year, you’ll know what I mean. Data don’t lie. It tells us something and a lot of things too !

Anyways, here, the IM list of my friends attending and participating in the big showdown this 27 and 28th Feb.

  1. Abu Soffian (2009-13:10:19)
  2. Adeline (2009 – 16:17:07)
  3. Ahmad Firdaus Mohamad @ Adek Dush (2009-DNF)
  4. Arif Sidek (2009-15:25:42)
  5. Ayet (1st time)
  6. Badrol Hisham (Navy)(2009-12:01:53)
  7. Barath Kumar(2009 – 16:56:02)
  8. Carmen Leong(2009-12:02:09)
  9. Chan Jun Shen (UPNM) (2009-12:06:34)
  10. Chris Kha Krang(2009-14:32:47)
  11. David Spence (2009-13:20:21)
  12. Emma Bishop (2009-10:55:43)
  13. Esmen (1st time)
  14. Ezer Ratchaga (1st time)
  15. Faisaal Faruk (2009- 13:05:07)
  16. Farhan Kamarulbahrin (UPNM) (1st time)
  17. Hafiz Wong Abdullah @ Ah Thiam (2009-10:20:20)
  18. Heidilee Mohamad @ Dino (2009-DNF)
  19. Hisham Halim (UPNM)(1st time)
  20. Ishal Ishak(2009-16:55:47)
  21. Kam Kasturie (2009-15:09:26)
  22. Keat Seong (2009-12:40:49)
  23. Elaine Wong Karyan(1st time)
  24. Kevin Siah (2009-11:15:20)
  25. Mo Bahir (1st time) (dude, beat my IM time ok. 😛 )
  26. Mohamed Sofian Ismail @ Sofian (2009-15 :38:38)
  27. Omar Yip Weng Tak (2009-12:39:32)
  28. Raymond Ng (2009-13:21:35)
  29. Razak @ ajak (1st time)
  30. Simon Cross(2009-10:43:44)
  31. Ong Siok Bee (2009-12:41:18)
  32. Lim Ee Van @ Stupe (2009-16:13:43)
  33. Suye (1st time)
  34. Yusran Yusoff (2009-14:04:18)
  35. Zabil Ihram Zainol (2009-12:45:20)

Still deciding

* Abdul Rahman Abu Hassan (Navy)(2009-10:41:11)(2nd Malaysian to cross the finish line after Hafiz Wong)

This is just the 1st part of my list as I will expand this list bit by bit (in depth,and not necessarily length). To all Ironman virgins, I wish you all the best. To the rest, use the last few weeks wisely. Taper well. And make sure you race smarter than the previous one, and yeah, have fun !!! Catch you guys in Langkawi !

I am not sure who are the pro athletes doing the IM Langkawi this year.. as 1 guy mentioned in this blog before..the official website is so boring..and no regular updates.. but anyways.. will update any info available. The route for this year, will be the same as last year’s, I believe. Just pray that it won’t be as hot ! But nevertheless, if you’ve prepared well, you shouldn’t worry too much.

To all international participants coming for this event, welcome to Malaysia, and I hope you will have an enjoyable race ! 🙂

p.s. : I am offering sports massage service beginning this month to all my athlete and non athlete friends. Feel free to contact me !

Repeating this next year,insyaAllah 🙂 All the athletes in this foto (except Faisaal) will be repeating the showdown in 2011. This year, we'll be watching you ! Tributes, fr left : Adzim 13:37:31, Faisaal 13:05:07, missJeweLz 13:42:27, Fong 13:34:18.

Friends who did IML 2009 and skipping this year : Michelle Looi (14:47:46), Senn(16:01:00), Halim Jantan (15:59:10), Raymond Hee (12:50:14), Sam Pritchard (DNF), Lim Led Yee @ Boss (16:43:04), Denis Oakley (14:05:11), AJ (14:22:26),  Azmar (13:26:49), Dale(16:07:42)


6 thoughts on “Ironman Langkawi 2010 : my list !

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  1. Dear Juli,

    I will be taking part in this IM 2010 this yr, it’s going to be my first time doing so with u all, so happy and so excited. Quite a list of friends here, I am glad to see the list.


  2. Oh, didn’t know Mich decided not to take part! Probably a smarter decision.

    Thanks for putting up the list, the race is on! Massage service eh? Hmmm… I’ll consider. I would most likely need it, what are your rates? Hehheh.

  3. Nice one~! 🙂 gosh, how the hell did i manage a 13hr last year!! so pressured now 🙂 the plan this year: swim, no change (maybe even slower!). bike, no change. run, faster then last year!

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