Chillaxin’ Night Out @ Putrajaya

Miss this ?

A chillaxin’ night out at Putrajaya yesterday. No serious training. Just strollin’ and breathing the cool nocturnal air.

Giant meets Bianchi.

Kabi prepping up before we hit the road. No exact distance planned.It was a peaceful night, not many cars, some skaters making use of the stairs in front of Palace of Justice, some construction at the open car park next to Palace of Justice as well as the roundabout near the Putrajaya Mosque.

2 pairs of strong legs and strong knees. Kabi and his friend also treks and climb mountains !

It was the most relaxing ride ever. Can’t wait for the next one ! Weekdays, P.M. , just perfect if you want to cycle without the matahari and tan lines. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Chillaxin’ Night Out @ Putrajaya

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  1. this looks nice. ive always wanted to try cycling at putrajaya at night but it’s quite far from where i am (i live in subang). how good is it? maybe you can tempt me to join! haha

      1. that’s nice – i couldn’t find your email, but i have mine in case you want to contact me. i’m still new to cycling so i’m a bit excited to ride as much as i can.

  2. Julie: I knew Kabi since 20 years ago, we were schoolmates. His room was few steps from mine. Tapi dia junior by 1 year la… But we both never met after we left school.

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