Baba Ali

See how some free time , a few clicks and 2-3 doses of curiosity can benefit you..

I was searching for…I forgot what.. But then I was right clicking and ‘Open in a new tab’ a few interesting links. Landed on Marina Mahathir’s blog, and scrolled down to find this interesting YouTube video. 🙂

What Baba Ali mentioned in his video, I totally agree. He said :

I am not here to argue. You see, if you’re gonna argue with every person who doesn’t agree with you, you’ll spend the rest of your life in endless circle .In other words, you have to pick your battles. Otherwise you’re always gonna be at war. I much rather have an intellectual discussion with someone searching for …the truth than to reply to people who wanna argue for the sake of argument.

Why I’m mentioning it here in my blog..? There’s no particular reason. Just that I thought what he said is very relevant and applicable of what we go through in our everyday life. Whether its at work, with your family, or with your friends arguing on the Facebook wall, Twitter , mailing list ..or even in your conversation with a know-it-all person.

Imagine the last time you had a discussion or..’intellectual discourse’ with someone.. When the discussion goes on and on and on and the two parallel ends never looks like its going to forever meet. No agreement, and you finally was just a waste of time and energy.

Choose your battle people. And choose your friends too. 🙂 If you come to a disagreement with a friend, confront that person, call, talk to him or her.. don’t go about telling everybody you know whats bad and worse of that person. Coz you’re not perfect yourself my friend. The same issue when it comes to religion, and what not.

The Baba Ali’s video which I excerpt the quotes from discusses about the modern day view on Islam. Do check it out 🙂


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