Malaysia – the perasan BolehLand

We talk big. Don’t we. We can do this, we can do that, launch 1 this, launch 1 that. You see how much importance we put on ‘displaying’ our nation? Oh yeah, we want to look good, we want to be portrayed as good and developed, we Want to show the rest of the world that we’re a melting pot of different cultures + religion. We hail and bow down to those who come to visit this beautiful and ever prosperous country, first class service for them. I was brought to write this post, not because I want to condemn anybody. I want to remind myself and all of you out there that our country IS still a VERY VERY VERY VERY young country. A nation still maturing. Say a plant.. An orchid plant.. For it to grow, it’ll need sufficient nutrition  supplied to it, it needs air, sunlight and water. Mess up with any of these elements, you won’t get a pretty , blooming and a healthy plant. The flower won’t bloom on time, or even if it did it might have not the beautiful and quality petals, the stem might be weak and it might die before its due. These are the various aspects of the plant’s life..

How about us human beings? There are various dimensions of our life. The social dimension, economic, political, cultural, educational, intellectual, ‘national’ as well as the religious dimensions. A well rounded person will have all these aspects taken care off. Overlooking and ignoring any of these aspects can lead you to an unbalanced development as you live your life. Remember, we develop from the moment the male and female gametes fuse. The development curve continues  until we land in the grave.  And there are our basic needs; need for life sources (biological and physical dimensions) and knowledge of  the principles of behaviour. These 2 basic needs are directly correlated to the various dimensions I mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

How are they correlated ? Let me share a brief example. What do we do to support our life ? We need food, clothes and shelter. We need relations. What do we do to support this living..? We obviously work ? What is the general requirement for work nowadays? Knowledge. And knowledge comes from education. What are the structures involved in all these processes ? Well, you’ll have the economic dimension , political, intellectual , and all the other dimensions I mentioned just now. And entity which moves hand in hand , along side all these going ons, is our 2nd basic need (after biological and physical needs). Yeah, the 2nd basic dimension which I mentioned is knowledge of the principles of behaviour. We obviously need some ideas on how to think the right way, how to speak, act and function as a good human. Because that is the reason we’re here. To do good, to do justice. But what happens when we focus and prioritize other dimensions and forgot these 2  basic needs of us.

For example, you work too hard and you don’t take responsible in taking care of your health. You are too serious and focused in ensuring to get that promotion that you don’t maintain your relationship with your colleagues, stressing up your subordinates and taking it on your children and wife at home. You rush to work to settle some work which you didn’t finish yesterday, you rush back home and violate all the traffic rules and road ethics. So there.. a clear example of a person who’s educated, well respected , who takes care of the company so well  that the managers are indeed considering a promotion for him. That’s only 1 dimension and 1 side of this person. What’s up with his behaviours with his colleagues, his subordinates, his family, his road rage..? What’s the point of claiming that you’re a graduate from so and so college/uni , and that you’re a ’rounded’ and ‘complete’ human being when you don’t actually check and recheck your behaviour in the various facets of your life. Do you only behave during meetings or during a presentation for the clients..? or when you need to cut the deal with another company..? and after all that is done you can behave like shit to other people and show off your arrogance, ignorance and selfishness when you’re driving home from work..?

You cut lanes according to your own willing, you honk the car like hell when a car have given a signal to switch lanes, moving you car 5cms a second to ensure the bugger doesn’t get the lane before you do, you think you’re SMART and LUCKY that you’re using the emergency lane, bypassing the other slower cars. How does it satisfies you IF you have a wife who is about to deliver her 1st child..You gotta rush her to the hospital a.s.a.p .. its 5pm on a cloudy Friday evening, and you decided to rush her to the nearest hospital which is merely 7km away. To your dismay, when you hit the highway, the traffic is Slow AND…i repeat..AND…the emergency lanes are clogged as well ! I don’t want to say no more.. Emergency lanes are for emergencies ONLY. You buggers in your Kancils, in your Merc, in your company’s Hitachi’s lorry, you taxi drivers, you radiologists, you HR managers.. You all know emergency lanes are only reserved for emergency cases. To have hundreds and thousands of cars going through an emergency lane at one go CLEARLY shows how ignorant and selfish we are. We’re not well-rounded. We think we’re the best person anyone can be around, and yet, your road manners clearly shows exactly what types of values, attitudes and intellect that you have. Getting a 3.5k pay cheque a month doesn’t fancy my if your road attitude is sub zero. It turns me off too to see ladies and guys flicking sweet wrappers out of their car windows.

It dismays me to see POLICE in police cars without their safety belt on, parents who dont buckle up their children , motorist using a helmet riding a bike with TWO kids behind him WITHOUT any helmets on, a father (also on the bike) with his daughter at the back HOLDING a helmet on her lap while the bike is moving, school children who crosses the Duke Highway without using the pedestrian bridge which is only a 100 meters away; they dash across the 3 lanes, climb the railings, look to their right for ‘fast coming cars’, and after the cars have passed them, it is ‘safe’ to go..and who actually shout back at drivers who honk at these kids because they’re concerned of their safety.. What’s your reaction if you see a lady on a bike, without a helmet, and crossing the junction when the lights are still red..? A functioning and smart mind would say  ‘its dangerous’.. and then what..? that when you’re misusing the freakin’ emergency lane its ok ?!!!!

Malaysia boleh what ?!

Continued… : So there, some examples which I’ve experienced first hand. I’ve done a little survey when I posted the foto above , and some of my friends responded that the enforcement of law in our country is dysfunctional. What is the point of having acts, rules, regulations, polices, and uhmm driving license if people still don’t obey the law, or even have the ethics to obey them ?  Is it true that Malaysia is indeed a perasan Boleh-land..?? My 2 cents, it takes effort not only from the traffic polices but in general, ALL of us, I mean, like..all of us Malaysians, road users, intellects, employees and employers to BE responsible everytime.. The road buggers acting like their kings on the road because no one points to him that what the bugger does is WRONG. I may be driving a Kelisa or my grandmas Tiara, but I won’t tolerate it when a car, even a M6 takes the emergency lane for no reason. I can’t tolerate it when university’s staffs who  (are oh so educated, well payed and adult enough to understand the rules+reg+road/parking ethics) park their blardy (mind the language) Mercedes and Hondas on a motorcycle parking bay ! You see how selfish these behaviour are..? what does it reflect exactly..? the person it self? the enforcement..? or the society ? if we blend all these together, my guess is that, it is in the end the SOCIETY. the society includes us,the public, the enforcement units, the system, our Dear leaders.. so basically, everyone lah..

The example of road safety are just 1 of the many examples that I can take from our day-to-day life in this ultra might Boleh Land. We can take a simpler example than this.. E.g. people queuing up, ‘making sure’ that the seats for the elderly and pregnant mothers are left empty, keeping our environment clean, what else.. oh ya, making sure the concerts grounds are not littered ! … look at ourselves first before looking at others..

The Malaysia society is unique.. read..UNIQUE.. in every sense possible. We talk big.. We want to drive big cars. We want to be seen as important and successful, we want to have the best of everything.. Hey there nothing wrong with this. We should know how to differentiate between idealistic and realistic goal settings. We also have difficulties in accepting criticism, tak boleh nak ditegur, every inch of power we use it as if its our life line, we expect our incumbents to hail and kneel down to us.. we DON’T respect other users on the road who also pay the road tax, we condemn other people when we them do wrong. We get ticked emotionally on religious issues when in fact some of us (naúzubillah) don’t even think of God half of the time (coz we’re focused on our worldly gains..).. what are we..?

note : when i say we, it don’t mean to apply it to each and every one of us.

We don’t have to look at our leaders right away.. Just look at our society.. from the minute  + ,major road safety issues.. to the educational system issues, to the enforcement problems, to the political problems, to the ‘cultural’ problem, to the societal problems.. we’re simply (on the basis), lacking of what i call it (i’ve learned this), is knowledge of the principles of behaviour. This knowledge, this knowing of the guidelines that supports good behaviours, and the ability to tell from right and wrong, what is good and is bad , is the most basic concept that man have, and should hold on to. If you’re a good leader, bring that trait to your personal life. If you’re a good employee who’s been getting good ratings, bring that to your personal and social life , and if you’re a well respected preacher, bring you virtues when you’re driving on the road..! And don’t overlook the power of religion. Religion comes as a package to guide as through the best virtuous life. Many failed to see this…

I hope the post makes sense to all of you reading it.  A pizza is best served when it just came out from the oven. I ,my friend, was standing on the emergency lane this evening on Federal Highway during the rush hour. I forgot I am not a Superwoman, and can’t save the world and make it a better place by myself. I need you , you and you.. ! and (also) it seemed that I  forgot to bring my ‘This is an emergency lane you faggot’ poster. LOL. (hey im just kidding la with the faggot part..!)

All of  you reading this are welcome to comment and share your inputs. God Bless !


Marshaling at the NB Pacesetters 30km

p.s. : if you see ANY open burning , just call the cops and report it to them. And that’s not the least we can do for this beloved country of us. If you see a group of mat rempits about to start their sessions, call the cops also.

and oh em gee… i just knew that if we see cars using the emergency lane, we can snap a foto of the car and send the photo to the police !

Another big P.S. if you will : country leaders are a reflection of the values ,attitudes,outlook and MINDSET of the general majority. Select leaders who reflect, have, and practice good values. 😛


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  1. this will be a moment I shall look within myself and be grateful for what I have. Bersyukur.

    Apa orang kata? first world country, third world mentality?

    1. thanks Syah ! 🙂 yeap, orang kata like that. but of course, even that we’re a developing nation, we do have some level of 1st world mentality 🙂 we need more of this ! 🙂 bersyukur with what we have and strive in making the world a better a place to live.insyaAllah.

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