The Interview

I didn’t exactly prepare thoroughly for the interview. But had some ideas and expectations of what will be asked. Come Friday morning, I was pretty relaxed. Kemas my room a bit, laundry, and then went for discussion at the library. Had to look up for past studies and journals regarding diversity at workplace. I’m taking this course (subject) called Industrial + Organizational Psychology. And also Personnel Psychology. Both are very interesting, and practical. Another subject I’m taking is Career Development and Career Counselling. Did u know that the word ‘career’ encompasses both ‘work’ and ‘life’ ? In your career, you need to bring what you have in your life into your work. Working does not stop you from resuming ‘life’. You need work because it is a survival need. How would you survive, eat,have shelter , without work..? and working shouldn’t impart your life. E.g. : a working parent needs to leave early for lunch break because he/she needs to fetch his/her child from school. He/she needs to have lunch. He/she needs to pray. So there, various kind of needs, during/in between working hours. So.. When you hear people saying ‘ I’m bz with my career’.. Dat basically he/she is busy with both work and life. And if he/she is bz with life, than that person should have time for the family , friends and social life too ! ๐Ÿ™‚ a good company or organization considers its employees needs and expectation too rather than just reaping, gaining benefit and setting expectations from their incumbents/employees. Employees need to do sports too *ehem*.. I’ll make sure when I apply for a job later on,I consider these things. At least 4 days off in February for Ironman. Hihi *thinking ahead namanye !*

Anyways, in the subject Personnel Personnel Psychology, I’ve learnt about Job Analysis, job description,rating, work performance..Employee recruitment, constructing interview question ,how to rate them etc. And for my paper, I’m researching on the relation between work force diversity and work performance. Baru la tau apa ke benda KPI tuh. Thanks to Kabi and Azmar for enlightening me with some knowledge related to my research.

Ok, back to Bolehland. My interview with Powerbar at Nestle’s swanky new office went well. Met Chan and his tri-cadet mates ๐Ÿ™‚ Smiley, Syazwan, Amirul and Farhan. Nice to meet you guys ! I believe they’re all the board members of the UPNM Tri Club. They all look oh so smart in their uniforms. Hihi. Lucky thing I didn’t have to turn up with my no.3 uniform. But what I did after lunch with OP Jim was look for a nice blouse coz d light green old Zara shirt I had on was oh-so-tak-sesuaiii ..anyways..

Chan was interviewed first, then me. Sejuk la plak tangan Chan after he came out from the interview room. My turn ! Shook hands with Chan, he wished me luck. Yeah, needed some. Mr Jordan interviewed me.. ๐Ÿ™‚ tried to make myself comfortable..hihihi.. The interview went on and on.. And I found myself repeating my answers ! Yikes..and middle thru my answers I kinda forgot what mr Jordan asked me !! Excited and nervous baby ! Yeap… I’m not even sure how long the interview took.. But was glad it finally came to an end.. Its not a job interview, but it didn’t mean I shouldn’t try to nail it and reminding myself there is something to it.. How I’ve benefited the past 1 year as a sponsored athlete is not merely the Powerbar stocks I get or d waivered fees..but what is more important is how creative I can use the advantage of being a Powerbar athlete to reach out to the sports community and the Malaysian community in general. As I mentioned in the interview, the Team Elite members are ambassadors not only for sports goers but the public in general. My mission and vision is to reach out to Malaysians and get the concept of a healthy lifestyle into their vascular system !! ๐Ÿ™‚ its not easy to reach out and convince people to learn. Without learning (as a result of educating), there won’t be any change..

Why do u think Rihanna was appointed as an ambassador for UNICEF? And why Angie for UN? Its because these people have the advantage of influence power. They’re well known and they can obviously use their fame and advantages to cause change, for the better. That’s at least how I see this Powerbar program will work for me. And of course, Powerbar wants more competition and active participation for its Team Elite members in the sports and races that we do. Which I totally agree.

So there, some thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚ happy new year everyone.the result of who makes it for d team will be announced by Powerbar. I don’t know for sure whether I will make it or not for the Team. If I am, it’ll be my 2nd consecutive year as a member. Other friends who I know were called for the interview : Hafiz Wong (ah thiam), Heidilee Mohammad, Kevin Siah, Ian Yusof, Stephanie Chok, Pn Nurul Ain (fong), Mariana,and Chan Jun Shen. The last recruitment they had 42 members and I believe for this recruitment Powerbar have decided to half that number.

Hisham Halim

Chan Jun Shen

seperti biasa, missjewelz in da house !!

cik Roslizawati. ๐Ÿ˜›

"Nestle, good afternoon. How may I help you?" - making full use of the house phone ! siap ada directory tuh..sunggoh mantapz ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Free drinks for all ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Now, spot Milo. You see mr Ping Loong there? yes, the one raising his hands up !

nie bukan down to earth punya dressing dah dah sub-down !! hihih... the effects of putting too many 'sub' in my target time ! hihih.. Chan even asked me why I pakai locklace pergi interview..well, the lace have been there like forever and i don't see the point of changing it. i just needed that pair of Brooks because it matches my outfit.. can't wear the Blue Adidas or the Green Cascadia Brooks coz nnt tak matching la..

a group shot with the UPNM boys, thanks to Paรกn (farhan) yg tak reti kasi signal before snapping the foto. hehe.. not in d picture; Chan (tengah di interview time nieh). anyways fr left : Hisham Halim, missjewelz, Muhammad Amirul Hafiz and Ahmad Syazwan Rusli. All dressed up so smart and fine in their no.3 uniform.They were all there to give support to Chan, and representing the UPNM Triathlon Club. and these are familiar faces I see doing triathlon, running and adventure races. Hats off to them. p.s. : I consider them as my own adik ๐Ÿ˜› (how i wish my own brother + sisters would take up running/triathlon as well !)


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  1. Hi Juliana,

    Im pretty confident u will get the nod for another year.

    Btw, u looked great.

    Keep up the training yeah, will check u out during IM in proper, from my home ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i like the vending machine kat nestle.. ingatkan kena bayar.. padahal free. haha! me too didn’t prepare at all for the interview! and i repeated the same thing like u did=p haha.. anyway, good experience..

  3. i like the vending machine kat nestle.. ingatkan kena bayar.. padahal free. haha! me too didn’t prepare at all for the interview! and i repeated the same points like u did=p haha.. anyway, good experience..

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