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I first applied for the Powerbar Team Elite in 2007, and in 2008 was awarded the Powerbar Duathlete of the Year Award for the MUDS series . This award came with 1 year sponsorship contract as a Team Elite in 2009 . And hence the sponsorship for my first Ironman race in Langkawi February last year.  My 1 year contract ended 31st December 2009.  2 days ago I got a miss call from an unknown number. I called back just to find that the call was from Powerbar ! 🙂 They’re inviting me for an interview this Friday for selection for the Team Elite 2010/2011 intake, a 2 year sponsorship program by Powerbar. I’ve been encouraging friends to apply, especially those who have interest and potential in sports performance, and in promoting Powerbar as a sport nutrition brand.

Gotta know Kevin Siah (Karen Siah’s brother) who smacked everyone ar*es last February with his whooping time of 11:15:20 , and the 4th Malaysian to cross the finish line after Hafiz Wong(10:20:20), Abdul Rahman(10:41:11) and Paul Lim Su Sang (11:01:32), is also shortlisted for the interview.  Kev is currently based in Perth. I hope a video/phone interview can be arranged for him.  I am not sure who else is shortlisted for the interview. Watch this space. I will definitely update.

Kevin Siah, 1 year my junior.. adik Kev..hahahah..cute ! n check out those muscles.. (and im looking at mine rite now.. hahaha)

Some updates of other fellow Powerbar Team Elite members  ;

Mariana Mohammad – took part in the recent Laos SEA Games

Kimbeley Yap – went for a slip-disc corrective surgery end of last year, thus missing out the SEA Games

Wong Ah Thiam – training hard for IM Langkawi. Let’s pray this veteran sifu gets a slot for Kona and won’t face any Visa problem again. He got the slot and sponsorship for last year’s IM Kona Worldchampionship but had was forced to retreat due to problems with the American Embassy

Ungku Azhar : busy coaching in JB ! 🙂

The ‘midget’ alongside the giants : missjewelz – a come back due soon. 🙂  watch out people..hihihih…

The Trikidz/ YEAT  people : Major Kalam, Hairul Azwar, Stephanie Chok, Nor Juliana Ali, Azhar.

To all Team Powerbar Elite, from the previous /future batches, I wish all of you a Happy New Year ! Those going for the interview this Friday, all the best. Frankly speaking, I was caught by surprise to get the call. But happy at the same time of course. 🙂 I don’t remember when was the last time I was called for any interview ! Looking forward to meet up you guys this Friday. 😛

Cool Powerbar poster !

JeweLz and Kash @ IM70.3 Putrajaya 2009.
mj is looking forward for a better year this year. I am currently in a positive mood and motivated and will maintain this throughout this year- in all senses possible.

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  1. suprisingly enuf, I got a missed call from an unknown number as well and just found out in my email abt the interview … gulp! what r the chances? I’m the least athletic among all 🙂

  2. *blush* My picture there so big!

    Would be tough to maintain the same position at Langkawi IM this year, well I can only do my best and get a PB. How others fare is beyond my control.

    All the best to you, Julie! Eh, it’s passed my slotted teleconference interview time already and I’m yet to get my call. Maybe I should call them *keeping fingers crossed*

  3. Hello Mizz Jewels.
    My name is Kieron Brodie and I would like to ask if you could help me out.
    A quick summary of my background would be that I am a home grown skateboarder (Malaysia) of mixed parentage and have been skating for 16years. I have just reasently been excepted as a skateboarder with sufficient skill to film with skaters who ride on an international level. I have also been competing in regional and international competitions through out the past 7 years or more.
    Do you think you could introduce me to a person, in PowerBar, who I can talk to about sponsorship toward financing my travels to American competitions and filmers?
    Kindly Google my name to get a clearer picture.
    Best regards.
    Kieron Brodie

    1. Hi Kieron. Sure, I can refer you to someone from Powerbar Malaysia. In fact the person that I will refer you to is the Powerbar Business Development Manager. you can talk directly to him aight.

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