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I bought a book written by award winning author Heather Menzies, around a week ago, but had no time to start reading it. Planning to start soon. Book title ; ‘No Time’.  I’m looking forward for an interesting rea . And of course, share some of the insights with the rest of you here at  🙂 Here’s the synopsis :

Starting with the single observation that no one seems to have time anymore, best-selling author Heather Menzies pulls the connecting threads to unravel the crisis of meaning and accountability threatening to paralyze society today. Seeing a link between various diseases of our time – from stress and depression among adult to attention deficit disorder in kids, Menzie argues that what’s happening to people is also happening to institution and society at large.

Somewhere between the multi-tasking pace and sea of data divorced from real life, we’re losing touch with ourselves and with each other. We’re even losing sense of how to tell when things go wrong and how to take action when they do. Weaving together personal conversations, wide-ranging research and insightful critique, No Time speaks directly to what lies beneath the surface of many issues confronting society today. It also end on a note of home by suggesting what we can do to restore balance in our personal lives , renew humanity in our social institutions and crate a more human scale of time and space in our social environment.

Publisher : Douglas and McIntyre

Year published : 2005

Got it from :  MPH

Price : RM29 (on sale). original price in USD16.95 (around RM65)

Reviews :

“Menzies cogently critiques a discourse on technology hat is controlled by a corporatist agenda and offers, in response, a grounded critical discussion informed by storytelling and lived experience” Antigonish Review

“Written with uncompromising humanity..and intelligent critique ” Edmonton Journal

There are also some negative reviews on the book complaining its too ‘academic’ and ‘research-like’ approach.

Me personally, I don’t think I would have problem with this kind of approach as I am already used to it from my studies. What we believe or know through our ‘common sense’ approach may not be all true. In fact, how common and true is our common sense ? That is why scientists, researches, psychologists and academicians alike spend years and decades on study and researches. To come up with a definitive answer to various problem questions. affecting and effecting the human lives. Psychology ,is a science, and all are based on further and in-depth scientific researches on endless issues related to human behaviour and mind.

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